7 Best Natural Oils for All Hair ...


7 Best Natural Oils for All Hair ...
7 Best Natural Oils for All Hair ...

Ever wondered about the best natural oils for hair? Every woman loves silky hair. After all, silky hair means healthy hair that holds a wide variety of sleek styles that make you look sophisticated and sexy. However, this isn’t always an easy thing to achieve thanks to all the other hair care practices that strip the hair of essential ceramides required to achieve this smoothness and silkiness.

Fortunately, you don’t need to break the bank to remedy the situation. Enter ceramide natural oils to the rescue. These natural oils will help you define and smooth out your locks to enhance shine and silkiness. They also help prevent loss of protein from hair. So, here are the best natural oils for hair.

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Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil is one of the best natural oils for hair. Hemp seed oil is derived from the seeds of the hemp plant but not to worry, the end product is free of any narcotic properties. Hemp seed oil is composed of up to 25% protein, which helps facilitate the formation of keratin in hair. The oil also strengthens and softens hair.


Walnut Oil

Walnut oil contains a high concentration of essential fatty acids that help promote smooth, glossy and supple hair, especially when included in your diet.


Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil contains a significant amount of vitamin E and is one of the best natural oils to use as emollient oil. An emollient oil acts as a protective coating around hair and locks in moisture, curbs frizz and makes hair shiny.


Jasmine Oil

Jasmine oil is a very expensive oil to produce, which is why it’s not prominent in commercial hair products, but it’s ideal for scalp issues and also works as emollient oil. The oil produced from the jasmine flower is an adulterated version known as jasmine absolute but still effective for hair care.


Camellia Oil

Camellia oil comes from a wildflower grown mainly in China and Japan. It contains omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids, polyphenols and vitamin E. It is another ideal emollient oil.


Wheat Germ Oil

Wheat germ oil is another one with a high concentration of vitamin E. It also contains vitamins A, B complex and D, protein, and lecithin. Extracted from the kernel of the wheat grain, it has a rich and thick consistency.


Poppy Seed Oil

Derived from the seeds of the opium poppy once it’s dried out, the end result is free of any narcotic side effects. Rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, it promotes hydration and elasticity in addition to smoothing the cuticles.

Best Ceramide Oil Treatments for Silky Hair

• Use hemp seed oil, wheat germ oil or poppy seed oil as a pre-poo treatment on their own or mixed with your pre-poo conditioner without heat. Use only one of each at a time as they contain protein and a combination of all three in a treatment will be too much for hair.
• Use walnut oil for hot oil treatments. It has a high smoking point and won’t suffer degradation when used in conjunction with heat.
• Use jasmine oil and camellia oil as sealing oil at the end of your styling treatment. A few drops applied to finish off a style are all you need.
• Add 1 – 2 tablespoons of sunflower oil to your shampoo prior to shampooing.
• Use walnut oil and poppy seed oil in your salad dressings.
• Include sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, and walnuts in your diet. A handful every day should be enough.

Don’t restrict yourself to the recommendations above. You can mix and match the oils to see which ones work best for your hair type but keep in mind, not all natural oils do well when heat is applied.

5 Tips for Making Silky Hair Treatments Last Longer

- Rinse your hair with a final blast of cold water to close your cuticles. Raised cuticles cause frizzy hair and damage in the long run.

- Do use a microfiber towel and blot gently when drying your hair. Whatever you do, don’t rub the towel around your strands.

- Check for frayed ends and get rid of them every few months. You don’t have to trim your hair. Just lightly dust your ends. Frayed ends = tangled hair = frizzy hair.

- Sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase. The smooth texture helps keep your strands frizz free and smooth.

- Reduce treatments that strip ceramides from hair such as blow drying and flat ironing. If you must, follow up with a regimen that includes these natural oils to restore hair health.

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