7 Amazing Hair Mists for Your Best Smelling Hair Ever ...

We all want to have hair that smells incredible and with the right hair mists, you can do just that! Think of hair mists as perfume that’s been specially designed with your hair in mind. There’s always the trick to spray your hair brush with your perfume before you brush, but with hair mists, it gives you all the fragrance you want without weighing your hair down and some even help protect your hair. If you have a favorite fragrance, you might want to check and see if there’s a hair mist available so you can literally wear it from head to toe!

1. Aquolina Pink Sugar Hair Perfume

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A few years ago, hair mists weren’t as prevalent as they are now and Pink Sugar was one of the few you could buy. If you like sugary, cotton candy scents, you will love this! It really leaves you smelling like sugar and feeling so fresh. Some people say the scent is not very long lasting, so if you really like the scent, you might want to layer it with the regular perfume. Available at Ulta for $15.

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