Hairstyles That Prove How Fabulous Bobby Pins Really Are ...

By Neecey

Hairstyles That Prove How Fabulous Bobby Pins Really Are ...

If you’ve got a few bobby pins, a change up in hairstyle is never far away and no visit to the salon required. Use bobby pins to create a new look or just to add a bit of a wow factor.

1 The Sweepback

The Sweepback As you can see, this works great for shorter hair.
Source: Summer Hairstyles for Cropped Locks

2 The Simple Twist

The Simple Twist Cosmo says: Insert a bobby pin with the open end pointing toward your face and in the opposite direction of the section you're pinning back. If one bobby pin isn't strong enough, try using a larger one or reinforce it with a second pin right below.

3 Decorated French Crown

You can wind in ribbon or flowers but you don’t always want something showy. Here’s how you can upscale your crown braid with some pins.
Source: 3 New Ways to Add

Bobby pins are a great way to add a little flair to any hairstyle. They are a versatile accessory that can be used to create a variety of looks. The French crown braid is a popular look that can be dressed up with bobby pins. Start by braiding a French braid on the top of your head. Once the braid is complete, secure it with an elastic band. Then, use bobby pins to add extra texture and dimension to the braid. You can use the pins to wind in ribbon, flowers, or other decorative elements. Bobby pins can also be used to create a half up, half down look or to secure a bun. They are a great way to add a little sparkle and shine to any hairstyle. With the right pins, you can create a unique look that is sure to turn heads.

4 Temporary Shortness

Temporary Shortness Want to fake a bob? Want to see how it feels with shorter hair before deciding to get a chop? Can you believe you can achieve it with just 8 bobby pins?
Source: How to Fake a Long

5 Crossed Simple Braids

Crossed Simple Braids Is this not one of the simplest but prettiest styles? Easy to do on a rushed morning.
Source: How to Create the Easiest

6 Faked Curly Bangs

Faked Curly Bangs In just two minutes and some bobby pins you can fake bangs with your curls.
Source: How To Fake Curly Bangs

7 3 EXes Mark the Spot

3 EXes Mark the Spot Use neutral pins to match your hair, or high fashion brightly colored ones for a statement.

8 Braided Arrow

Braided Arrow What I love about this is how the arrow draws the eye to itself and the braid at the same time.
Source: You Never Knew Bobby Pins

9 Romantic and Classic

There are just three steps to creating this style. Bobby pins at the ready.
Source: 4 Fresh Holiday 'Dos For

10 Sunburst Ponytail

Sunburst Ponytail How pretty is this? What a great sunshine-evoking style you can wear whatever the weather.
Source: 3 New Ways to Add

11 Simple Waterfall Braid

Simple Waterfall Braid It’s great what you can do with a single bobby pin when you know how to do a waterfall braid.
Source: How to do a Twist

12 Boho Wire Headband

Boho Wire Headband This hairstyle is so creative – don’t you agree?
Source: 3 New Ways to Add

13 Half Updo with Triangle

Half Updo with Triangle Cosmo says: Pull small sections of hair from each side of your head and cross them in the back. Holding your hair in place, slide a bobby pin in horizontally over the crossed section. Then take another bobby pin and slide it upward at a diagonal angle to make another side of a triangle. Repeat on the other side to complete the triangle.

14 Asterisk Hair

Asterisk Hair Use white or silver bobby pins so that it makes a snowflake and you have a simple but pretty hairstyle for the holidays.
Source: 7 Cool Ways to Wear

15 Loose Braided Bun

Loose Braided Bun Criss-crossed brightly colored bobby pins are a great way to secure your bun and give it an extra touch of oomph.
Source: Hair How-To: 10 Genius Ways

16 Mini Pompadour

Mini Pompadour A simple way to pull bangs away from your face. Pull the hair back, push it forward and in place where you want it and secure with two pins horizontal to each other across.
Courtesy of

17 Criss Cross Half Updo

Criss Cross Half Updo In 10 minutes you can have a classy look by just pulling tresses of hair over each other and securing with bobby pins.
Source: 5 Easy Upgrades for Your

18 Twist and Braid

Twist and Braid Another version of the simplistic pulled back twist. This time you can see how it works equally well for short hair. Great if you’re growing out a pixie cut.
Source: Cute Updo for Short Hair

19 Pompadour

Pompadour This works equally well on longer hair as well as the short style show here. Just a case of twisting and pinning.
Source: 19 Genius Styling Ideas Just

The Pompadour is a classic hairstyle that was popularized in the 18th century by Madame de Pompadour, the chief mistress of King Louis XV. It is characterized by a high, voluminous top with the sides and back of the hair brushed back. It is a versatile hairstyle that can be worn by both men and women, and it looks especially good on those with longer hair.

To create a Pompadour, you will need a few bobby pins, some styling product, and a brush. Begin by applying the styling product to damp hair. Then, use a brush to create a high, voluminous top. Secure the style with bobby pins. Finally, brush the sides and back of the hair back to complete the look.

20 Half up Half down

Half up Half down Add some puffiness and height to your hair.
Source: weekend hair: HALF UP

The Half Up Half Down hairstyle is a classic look that is both elegant and effortless. This look can be achieved with just a few bobby pins and a little bit of volume. To create this look, start by sectioning off the top half of your hair and pinning it up at the crown of your head. Then, take the remaining hair and curl it with a curling iron. Once you have the desired curl, brush it out and add some volume with a teasing comb. Finally, use bobby pins to secure the top section of your hair.

This look is great for both casual and formal occasions. It can be dressed up with a few extra bobby pins and some hair accessories, or it can be kept simple and elegant with just a few loose curls. The Half Up Half Down hairstyle is a timeless look that is sure to make you stand out. Whether you are attending a wedding or just going out for the night, this hairstyle is sure to make you look and feel fabulous.

21 Natural – 4 Ways

Natural – 4 Ways Use exposed pins to add interest to natural hair
Source: 5 Bobby Pin Hacks to

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