Super-Easy Hairstyles for Lazy Girls ...


Super-Easy  Hairstyles for Lazy Girls ...
Super-Easy  Hairstyles for Lazy Girls ...

You're not always going to be in the mood to do your hair perfectly. On those days when you'd rather sleep an extra hour and do your hair in a hurry, there are some styles that'll make your life easier. Here are a few of those super-easy hairstyles for lazy girls:

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Lazy French Twist

This style only takes 2 minutes, but it'll look like it took you at least 20.


Lazy Curls

You don't need to use your hair curler to get curls. You can just use water and your fingers.


Lazy Bun

Buns are pretty easy to create, but the woman in this video will make it even easier for you.


Lazy Natural Hair

If you have natural hair, you don't have to spend hours doing it in the morning. Follow this woman's advice instead.


Lazy Ponytail

Some ponytails are elaborate. Others, like these, are quick and easy.


Lazy Waves

After you brush your hair in the morning, you don't have to do too much else.


Six More Styles

This video will show you how to create a knot updo, "the front and back," the pinless bun, the high puff, the half-up half-down do, and the easy turban.


Faux Waterfall Braid

This video shows you how to do a faux waterfall braid which means you get all the cuteness of a waterfall without all the work; perfectly for the lazy girl!


Heatless Styles

Nothing says lazy girl quite like heatless hairstyles! The simple ones shown in this video require no curling or straightening which is great for times you just want to throw it up and go!


Pinup Style Beehive

This style is great for those girls who love vintage looks and it's especially great for lazy girls who want to keep their hair up and tucked away while still looking fab! Check out this 5 minute hairstyle for great looking hair.

How do you usually wear your hair on your lazy days?

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Europeans shouldn't shampoo hair every day either to be honest, it's really drying and bad for the hair, causing breakage and brittleness

African hair doesn't get greasy and dirty as quickly as European hair does. So we don't need to shampoo it every day and can wash it once or twice a week instead. :)

what brand is the wand ??

@splashhhh yes it is.For African American women and men we can't wash our hair everyday

when it comes to hair.. best to leave natural and unwashed for days. avoid excessive styling.. keeps it healthy ..

@Anne .. Unwashed for days good god thats not a very good hygene

I love this perfect for me, my hair is down to my bra and it's sooo much trouble to wash and curl ❤️

I second that Anne. Washing naturally curly hair African American hair everyday will dry it out and make it look worse. I wash it about every 4 days, pop on a satin sleep cap at night, then fluff and refresh in the morning! Lesson what works for you!

Be nice to see easy hair styles for shorter hair.

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