The Biggest Anticipated Hair Trends You Won't Want to Miss ...


The Biggest Anticipated Hair Trends You Won't Want to Miss ...
The Biggest Anticipated Hair Trends You Won't Want to Miss ...

Looking for a new style? Then you should definitely see the top hair trends of 2018. Hair definitely goes through trends, which is why crimped hair was mega cool in the early 90s, but isn’t so popular anymore. If you’re someone who likes to change your locks so they follow the latest trends, you will love having this info. Stylists can often predict what changes are coming so that you can have the best looking hair and stick with the current fashions at the same time. Check out the top hair trends of 2018.

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Long Pixie

Pixie cuts don't have to be boring anymore! A long pixie cut looks ‌très chic‌ ‌and is super versatile as well!


Beachy Waves

Beachy waves will never go out of style! There's just something about this tousled do that screams summer. It's easy on the eyes and super simple to recreate. Plus it looks fabulous on everyone!


Curly Hair

Curly hair is here to stay! So leave your relaxers and straighteners at home and embrace your natural curls. The bigger they are, the better!


Bob with Bangs

Bobs are super cute but you can take it to the next level by adding some blunt bangs to your look. This is perfect for the warmer months!


Volume Galore!

Think big, bouncy, and healthy hair à la Victoria's Secret models.


Silver Hair

Silver hair is somewhere in between platinum blonde and grey and it's absolutely fierce! If you're looking for a head-turning makeover, this is it!


Textured Ponytail

A ponytail is every woman's go-to hairstyle. This year we're going bigger and better with a whole lot of texture! Mmm!


Glossy Hair

It's all about healthy and shiny looking hair in 2018. So, how do you achieve this look? Eat healthy food, try Argan oil, look for a cuticle-sealer, use a Vitamin E serum, and use a brush with natural bristles.


Dirty Blonde

Another color that we're loving this year is dirty blonde. Simply keep the roots dark and the lengths a warm blonde to master this A-list trend!


Big Braids

Voluminous "school girl" braids will be everywhere this year. Join the bandwagon and finish your look with a sweet bow like the one above.

Which hair trend are you most excited about?


Rose Gold

New hair trends for 2018 were always going to include a favorite color. Rose gold is the hottest new color in town and it looks absolutely stunning! Don't be afraid to experiment with it no matter what your natural hair color is.



When it comes to hair accessories, we're going back to the classics this year. Just rock a simple hairband for a preppy look that is bang on for 2018 hair trends!

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I'm glad- I'm naturally bronde!

I need to try one of these. I messed up my hair bleaching it and now it's like an auburn-reddish-orange color ....

All except the mullet 😬

Omfg and yet there are other articles on here with only African American ladies. Stop being brats, it's an Internet article that a couple of hundred people are going to see. Who gives a shit??

Natural hair color. Will never go out of style. In fact. I have never dyed my hair. It's all natural. Oh, I will definitely embrace my natural texture.

No black

Curly and proud!

Natural hair. Yes!!! 👍🏻

So like every existing hairstyle ?

Other than that... LOVE the article

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