7 Radical Trendy Hair Style Changes to Consider in 2012 ...


7 Radical Trendy Hair Style Changes to Consider in 2012 ...
7 Radical Trendy Hair Style Changes to Consider in 2012 ...

Trendy hair style 2012 doesn’t need to be radical to cause some serious attention yet it just as may well be! And if I’m ought to judge by the Hollywood’s most discussed ladies of the year, trying to outdo yourself seems to be a very popular sport nowadays! So popular even 2012 hair trends are leaning towards “unexpected” or even “unusual” almost as if both celebrities and hairstylists are trying to get us to “grow a pair” and finally go for that radical hairstyle change. Are you in the mood for change? Well, take a look at these 7 trendiest hairstyles in 2012:

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Go Ombre

Go Ombre One of the trendiest hairstyles in 2012, ombre has sure managed to gain quite a few celebrity followers inspiring even actresses that aren’t known for their crazy hairstyle changes such as Salma Hayek to take a plunge! Now, if that doesn’t say a lot about this uber trendy hair style 2012, I don’t know what to add! Give it a shot if you’re in for a hair color change that doesn’t come with a massive amount of hair damage or even in case you’re looking for a way to finally leave the blonde community without having to sacrifice a whole lot of length.


Say “Yes” to Radical Hair Color Changes

Say “Yes” to Radical Hair Color Changes But hey, ombre isn’t the only one of those fantastic, totally radical 2012 hair trends to go for! In fact, you can even chose to start a whole new chapter by opting for a drastic hair color change or go back a full circle by finally going back to your natural color after years and years of hiding it. Take it from Kylie who has managed to score a whole lot of style points (and visually lose quite a few years) by returning to her old blonde bombshell look or Emma Stone whose decision to become a blonde has earned her global high-fives.


Full Fringe is a do

Full Fringe is a do No need to go all the way or do something you might terribly regret in a month or so! Full fringe also happens to be one of the trendiest hairstyles in 2012 giving you a chance to opt for something new, chic and flattering without taking a huge risk. It worked for Jessica Biel, even more so for Taylor Swift and I even have to say Kim Kardashian looked much sexier and a hell of a lot less annoying while sporting this look.


Chop It off

Chop It off Emma Watson, Halle Berry, Michelle Williams… Hollywood’s hotties are definitely loving the pixie cut and are the ones we all have to thank for this being one of the most popular looks in the past two years. This trendy hair style 2012 is absolutely gorgeous, oh-so-easy to maintain and is a perfect summer change all of you brave ladies should take into consideration.


Dip-Dye It

Dip-Dye It Ah, well, speaking about 2012 hair trends, there are a few that are just as radical yet require no long-term commitment whatsoever! Take dip-dye for example, something various young celebrities have been caught sporting this season or even Katy Perry’s blue tint! Now, how cool is that? You can wear it, enjoy it, shock and awe and be back to your old self just in time for the new school year!


Yay Undercut

Yay Undercut Give your long hairstyle an edgy note by opting for a side undercut and you’ll still have a lot of hairstyles to choose from but get to enjoy a short walk on the wild side as well! Take it from RiRi who has decided to not only go for a major color change but play it up by clipping her side short! Now, I’m not sure this is one of those trendy hairstyle ideas that would make all the girls go “Yaaay” but I know some of you brave ladies out there are giving it serious though!


Pink Streaks

Pink Streaks Being a “Barbie Girl in a Barbie World” happens to be extremely hot this year! Who knew a teenage band Aqua would be able to predict our future so precisely so many years ago! From Demi Lovato to Agyness Deyn – Hollywood ladies seem to think this trendy hair style 2012 is so worth it… How about you?

Do you have a couple of trendy hairstyle ideas to suggest and is there are particular trendy hair style 2012 you’re especially fascinated with?

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All of These Fotos are so amazing ;o I absolutely Love the picture of the Girl with the Blue Hair (:

I only like dip dye and ombré

I think the undercut can look quite nice, but it seriously needs to be taken into consideration how much you are taking off, especially if you have thin hair (:

Love it all but I've never quite understood the under cut. But hey to each his own right? I've seen it look good on some ladies but what happens when you want to grow it out? I wonder if it becomes awkward. Hmm. These are awesome tips though :) I'm trying to grow my hair out like the girls in "my big fat gypsy wedding"

I love ombré style :)

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