7 Best Hair Trends in This Fall ...


7 Best Hair Trends in This Fall ...
7 Best Hair Trends in This Fall ...

Fall hair trends for this year are totally cool, chic, oh-so easy to do and pretty much everything a busy yet stylish girl could wish for! It may seem too good to be true but, yes - a few accessories, a few products and a flick of a wrist are all you’ll need to create an uber trendy hairstyle for fall! How cool is that? But wait… let’s take it from the top. Take a look at this list of the hottest 2012 hair trends spotted on the runways so far and you’ll see exactly how hassle-free this season is promising to become.

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Braids All of those How To videos for braided hairstyles are going to pay out, ladies, as braids continue on being one of the major fall hair trends! Go for milkmaid braids if you’re in the market for a trendy, red carpet inspired up do, experiment with four strand braids if you’re feeling creative and definitely say yes to classic French and rope braids whenever you’re short on time and need a great-looking, versatile hairstyle that doesn’t take forever to make.


Low Bun

Low Bun Easy to do, absolutely perfect for those days when your hair either refuses to cooperate or isn’t totally clean, not to mention extremely glamorous – a low bun is such a great hairstyle! This season, however, it becomes more than a practical, hassle-free way to look amazing – it’s a fall hair trend every fashionista on the go should try for size! Copy-paste the Max Mara runway look if you love braided low buns or accessorize with colorful barrettes or bejeweled headbands if you love the baroque-ish glamour seen on the Dolce & Gabbana runway or the playfulness Cacharel chose to bring to the game this fall!


Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories Speaking about shiny, eye-catching, glamorous ways to update your hairstyle without having to risk a single hair off your head – more is a must when it comes to 2012 hair trends, which means you should totally invest in a few statement hair accessories! Nothing is too much this year, no embellishment is over the top and yes, it does mean that your much-loved, simple hairstyles are getting their equally hassle-free glamorous version that requires no extra skill or time!


Artfully Tousled

Artfully Tousled Die hard beachy wave fans are definitely going to love the fact that their favorite hairstyle continues to go strong even after the change of seasons! How cool is that? One of the most popular summer hair trends also happens to be one of the best fall hair trends! Have you perfected your beachy-wave styling technique? Well, the good news is that you won’t have to wait until next summer to rock this style, so this 2012 fall trend definitely calls for a celebration! How do you think we should celebrate it? I suggest we do it with a How To post for perfect beachy waves. A picture is sure worth a thousand words but a video (or several) is even better!


Cool Colors

Cool Colors Thinking about updating your hair color? Well, you might want to cool down a bit this fall and I mean it literally! Honey-ish, caramel and brassy tones are being benched for the time being and their cooler teammates are stepping into the game. Consider ashy or even icy tones if you’re planning on touching up your golden tresses, give those caramel-colored highlights or ombre ends a rich chocolate coating or choose the best cool red for your orange-y locks.


Sleek Looks

Sleek Looks Not a beachy wave fan? No problem! There are plenty of other trendy hairstyles for fall for you to try! This year’s fall hair trends can be mixed and matched super easily and that’s one amazing transformation you won’t need Stacey, Clinton and TLC for! Opt for deep side or middle parts and give your shine serum of choice a run for its money. Remember that everything that can be secured at the nape of your neck (be it bun or classic pony), that is a definite DO this season - and don’t forget to embellish a bit…or a lot!


Bangs in All Shapes and Forms

Bangs in All Shapes and Forms Fall is the best season to consider a fringe anyways and an absolute must for this particular fall! Worry not, as there is no special fringe-trend you have to bow to, although you will have to commit to keeping them perfectly groomed and styled! Not a bad change to consider in the beginning of a new season, huh? Well, I’d say go for it!

Which one of these fall hair trends are you going to embrace and work into a perfectly trendy hairstyle for fall? Any one of these fall trends will give you an overall look that says, “Yup, I know, ‘Wow’ is my middle name." I’ll definitely give a deep side part a go and do my best to incorporate a few statement accessories into my hairstyles.

Top Image Source: becomegorgeous.com

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