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Selfie-Ready Party Hairstyles for New Years Eve ...

By Neecey

New Year's Eve is one of the best opportunities of the year for memorable selfies. The festive spirit puts huge smiles on everyone's faces and the propensity for photo bombing is enormous. Make sure you're selfie-ready with gorgeous makeup and hair. Try one of these styles and look your best.

Table of contents:

  1. Old-style hollywood curls
  2. Messy updo
  3. Fishtail braid
  4. Primped up pixie
  5. Go pink
  6. Chignon
  7. Beehive
  8. Braided bangs
  9. Low sleek bun
  10. Messy bob
  11. Sleek low ponytail
  12. Half-up half-down high ponytail
  13. Short afro hair
  14. Boho bun for short hair
  15. Messy side plait
  16. Flat twist out
  17. Braided updo

1 Old-style Hollywood Curls

Be glam and evoke the looks of the red carpet of old like Kat Denning

2 Messy Updo

So many of us are inspired by the seemingly effortless gorgeousness of Blake Lively.

3 Fishtail Braid

You can never go wrong with a fishtail braid. Twist in or finish with some glittery ribbon for a festive touch.

4 Primped up Pixie

Give your pixie the quiff treatment just like Kaley Cuoco.

5 Go Pink

The holidays are the perfect time to have fun with color. This lasts for just 7 shampoos.

6 Chignon

A chignon is a lovely way to show off a special pair of earrings or a graceful neck and shoulders. Dust them with some glittery powder for a bit of glam.

7 Beehive

Perfect when you want some height to your hair.

8 Braided Bangs

If you're going to spend hours perfecting your New Year's Eve makeup, frame it with a beautiful hairstyle.

9 Low Sleek Bun

I know this is Blake Lively's second appearance but you can see why - right? Does she ever put a hair out of place?

10 Messy Bob

Add some volume to your usual sleek bob.

11 Sleek Low Ponytail

Keep it classic. Make it sleek and low.

12 Half-up Half-down High Ponytail

Frame your beautiful face.

13 Short Afro Hair

Is there anyone better to take natural hair inspo from that Lupita Nyongo'?

14 Boho Bun for Short Hair

Just because your locks aren't long, doesn't mean you can't look great with an updo

15 Messy Side Plait

A low maintenance style perfect for New Year's Eve parties

16 Flat Twist out

You can look terribly glam with a video that teaches you twist out in less than 10 minutes

17 Braided Updo

Braid your hair, pull it up and forget about it so you can concentrate on partying and having a good time.

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