7 Reasons to Use Coconut Oil on Your Hair ...

By Shannon

If you love healthy strong hair have you considered a few reasons to use coconut oil? An increasing number of hair products include coconut oil as an ingredient. Instead of using a middleman why not apply it your way in a ratio that you like? Encouraging healthy hair is pretty easy when you consider these seven reasons to use coconut oil on your hair.

1 Pre-poo Treatment

Pre-poo is important for curly hair care but nearly every hair type can benefit from this treatment. If you do not already have a pre-poo ritual consider this: preparing your hair for cleansing will ease post-cleanse detangling. Coconut oil is nourishing and fortifying. Apply root to tip and leave on for at least 30 minutes before cleansing.

2 Detangling Helper

Encouraging Rule Breaker Alert: Take your pre-poo treatment a step further and turn it into a very gentle and very brief dry-detangling session. Yes: dry detangle. I know you are cringing curlies, but sometimes we must detangle before cleansing. Coconut oil bonds with your hair and lubricates it, creating a nice smooth surface that eases the dry detangling process.

3 End Sealer

Do you seal your ends? This step is essential for healthy strands and length retention. Because of its nourishing and bonding properties, coconut oil is great for this task. Apply a thin layer to encourage healthy hair growth and protect your ends from daily wear. You can double your efforts for healthy hair by trimming the troubled areas before sealing with coconut oil.

4 Address Flakes

Sometimes no matter what we do, flakes happen. Coconut oil contains lauric acid which fights bacteria and addresses dandruff. For an extra kick add a little mint and lavender. The mint will stimulate hair follicles and encourage circulation and the lavender will help fight bacteria. Mix them together into a fantastic healthy hair serum and massage into your scalp.

5 Shine Booster

Coconut oil penetrates hair, strengthening it from the inside. Because it contains vitamins E and K and iron, coconut oil adds softness and provides nutrients your hair needs. Used sparingly, coconut oil also adds a little luster without the heaviness. A light application will not only add sheen, it will also protect those ends from environmental damage.

6 Enrich Deep Conditioning

As a natural emollient, coconut oil is great for softening hair. Add a little to your conditioner for a nutritional boost. The coconut oil will help hold moisture and aid vitamin uptake. Mix, apply and leave on for at least 30 minutes for maximum benefit. You can boost this deep conditioning treatment even further with the aid of a heat cap. Just be sure to shorten conditioning time a little if you use a heat cap. Coconut oil will also restore body and encourage shine.

7 Smooth Frizz

Each of us has a time or two when we would rather not have too many flyaway hairs. If you need to tame a few hairs apply a thin layer of coconut oil. It smells nice and smoothes the strays. Coconut also has the extra benefit of serving as a natural sunscreen, blocking up to 20 percent of ultraviolet rays. While you are battling those stray hairs you are also protecting them.

Coconut oil works wonders on all types of hair. Have you tried unrefined coconut oil as part of your hair care routine? What were your experiences?

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