7 Top Notch Hair Brushes That Will Blow You Away ...


7 Top Notch Hair Brushes That Will Blow You Away ...
7 Top Notch Hair Brushes That Will Blow You Away ...

Top notch hair brushes can be hard to come by. I mean, we can’t exactly grab hair brushes off the shelves and start testing them out, right?! Because of our concerns with hygiene, we can’t always try before we buy, so often times we end up arbitrarily picking something out. No matter your hair type, there is a brush out there for you that you’re going to love! Check out my picks for top notch hair brushes below!

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Mason Pearson Brush

Mason Pearson Brush You can’t talk about top notch hair brushes without mentioning Mason Pearson. These handmade brushes are adored by many hair stylists and women everywhere! What makes this brush so unique and desirable is that it’s designed with a rubber cushion pad to help clean the hair, stimulate the scalp for increased blood flow and distribute oils. They carry a range of brushes for those with thinning hair, thick hair and normal or short hair. Available at Nordstrom, prices start around $88.


Spornette G36 Porcupine Rounder Brush

Spornette G36 Porcupine Rounder Brush If you have thick, textured locks and want to create curls and body, this will work great for you! Spornette is another well-known name in the hair world and they make excellent brushes for a variety of hair types at reasonable prices. The Porcupine brushes combine boar and nylon bristles for easier styling and distribution of hair oils. This particular model works best for those with medium to longer hair but also works well on bangs! Available at BigDaddyBeauty.com for $13.


Drybar Lemon Drop Daily Detangler

Drybar Lemon Drop Daily Detangler If you frequently experience tangles in your hair like I do, a detangling brush that can be used on wet or dry hair is a must! It might be hard to be able to trust a hair brush to not rip out your hair or damage it, but Drybar’s detangling brush with soft bristles can gently remove tangles with ease! Use this daily to keep your hair smooth, soft and healthy! Available at Sephora for $15.


Fekkai Classic Brush

Fekkai Classic Brush Fekkai makes incredible hair care products so I was pleased to see that also have hair brushes, also! Their Classic Brush with boar bristles helps distribute oils from the scalp for soft, shiny strands. This hairbrush is also excellent to style your hair and add volume. Many people buy this brush in lieu of the Mason Pearson brush and fall in love with it! Available at Nordstrom for $95, travel size $55.



INTELLIGENT NUTRIENTS Original Paddle Brush Calling all ladies with long, straight hair! Paddle brushes are typically the hairbrush of choice for long, straight locks as it helps massage the scalp and helps smooth out the hair while minimizing damage. Intelligent Nutrients’ paddle brush is made of recycled plastic and is heat resistant so it’s perfect for smoothing out your hair while you use a flat iron. Available at IntelligentNutrients.com for $30.


Olivia Garden Ceramic Ionic Thermal 2 1/4" Extra Large Brush

Olivia Garden Ceramic Ionic Thermal 2 1/4" Extra Large Brush If you’re looking for a brush that’s environmentally friendly, but still works well on styling your hair, give Olivia Garden’s brush a go! It’s made with real bamboo and helps you create lots of volume and style! This hairbrush makes a great hair styling tool when you heat style as the ceramic coating on the barrel helps distribute heat evenly to make blowouts a breeze! Available at Ulta for $18.


Cricket Static Free Fast Flow Brush 1 1/2 in. Head

Cricket Static Free Fast Flow Brush 1 1/2 in. Head Flyaways and static are the worst! Flyaways rarely look good and static is just plain embarrassing! If you have trouble taming unruly flyways and static, enlist the help of Cricket’s static-free brush. This hair brush is designed with ceramic and ion infused ball tips for the ultimate in comfort and static reduction. It also has large vents so styling and drying your hair is fast and easy! Available at Ulta for $6.95.

As you can see, you find some pretty awesome hair brushes for very reasonable prices. But regardless of how much you pay for your next hair brush, make sure you do some research beforehand and get the right brush for your hair. You’ll save time, money and prevent buying something you don’t want or need! How do you choose your hair brushes?

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