7 Amazing Products for Stubborn Hair That Will Transform It ...

I know how frustrating finding the right products for stubborn hair can be. Some people say, you get what you pay for, making the more expensive ones better. I totally disagree after trying endless solutions to cure my dry, brittle, hard-to-grow, and straight, yet kinky hair. I have incredibly thick hair, which I like, but on a bad hair day, it can be a nightmare! It used to break, and shed something terrible, and waiting for it to grow was like waiting on Christmas as a kid. It used to grow only about an inch every few months, and for my impatient self, that just wouldn’t cut it! Now, I’ve not only found products to help it grow, but also to keep it shiny, moisturized, silky and strong! Here are my top 7 favorite products for stubborn hair, which work wonders, leaving me more spare time and more hair in my head instead of in my brush or on my floor!

1. A Fabulous Hair Skin and Nails Supplement

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There are literally tons of great products for stubborn hair out there, but one of my must-haves is a good hair, skin and nails supplement. I’ve tried many, but this one by Sundown Naturals brand is my favorite. It is packed with tons of nutrients that keep hair strong, shiny, help it stop breaking, and most importantly, help it to grow! This brand contains a two month supply, which makes it a real steal of a deal considering the price. I’ve noticed about a 3 inch growth in two months since using this. My hair also seems stronger and shinier, which leaves it easier to manage too.

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