7 Awesome Tips for Girls Who Don't Want to Mess up Their Hair during a Workout ...


Exercise is an important part of healthy living. But having your hairstyle ruined from your workout is disappointing. It can even make you skip your workout, which isn’t a healthy choice. These are 7 ways you can work out without wrecking your hair.

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Go for an Uber Trendy Braid

hair, human hair color, face, clothing, hairstyle, Braids are so hot right now that they’re practically sizzling. You’ll be queen of trends if you wear braids to the gym. There are so many ways to wear a braid and so many different types of braids to wear. Braids keep your hair out of your face while you’re working out too. They stay in place unless you have an extreme workout, which means you can leave the gym with your hair looking as lovely as it did when you arrived.


Refresh It with Your Blow Dryer

hair, face, black hair, clothing, nose, Sometimes all it takes to restore your hair is to refresh it with your blow dryer. You can use the cool setting to help dry up sweat and touch up your style. This can help to pull out any crimps in your hair that may have occurred from having it in a rubber band. Sometimes I use my blow dryer to add a bit of volume back into my hair after a workout. You can use the same upside down position that you do when you dry your hair in the mornings for this.


Use a Soft Elastic Band

hair, clothing, image, person, lady, A lot of elastic bands are going to leave crimps in your hair. To say I hate hair crimps is an understatement. Your hair is most likely ruined for the day if you fall victim to them. To avoid this, use soft elastic bands. Scrunchies work pretty well at preventing this. They aren’t at the height of fashion right now, but they can save your hair.


Invest in a Moisture Wicking Headband

face, hair, clothing, nose, blond, This item has to go on my wish list. Moisture wicking headbands help save your hairstyle. It may still need a touch up after your workout, but it keeps the sweat off your hair by wicking it away. One website where you can find these headbands is saveyourdo.com. There are different sizes and styles so you can choose one that works best for you.


Choose a Workout That Won’t Destroy Your 'do

human action, sports, physical fitness, martial arts, arm, If you’re completely freaked out by the thought of what a workout could do to your hair then there’s always the option of changing your workout. Yoga, Pilates or even walking are less likely to destroy your hair than other, more vigorous types of exercise. A lower intensity workout is better than no workout at all. There are many great benefits of yoga, Pilates and walking. Walking is one of the top exercises that doctors recommend.

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Go for a Top Knot

hair, face, eyebrow, hairstyle, beauty, The top knot is exactly what it sounds like. It’s when you put your hair into a tight bun, which resembles a knot, right on the top of your head. It’s can be secured with bobby pins or an elastic band. It’s a style that stays put pretty well and is easy to repair. It’s a sleek, sophisticated style that’s perfect for the office if you’re going to work after a workout, too.


Embrace Your Natural Texture

human action, active undergarment, room, muscle, arm, If you’re afraid of exercise making your hair show your natural waves or curl, don’t be. Go for it and in fact, embrace it! It’s a great way to be true to you! Besides that, often the thing we most hate about our hair is the thing that others love about it. You’ll probably find you receive a lot of compliments when you go natural with your hair.

These are 7 ways to work out without wrecking your hair. How do you keep your hair from being wrecked when you work out? I’d love to hear your tips.

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I don't care if I wreck my hair hahaha

I know right. It doesn't matter if you mess up your hair. You go to workout

Dry shampoo& a sweatband will help keep the sweat off your skin& help with breakouts

Ditto. Me neither, you go to the gym to workout and sweat, kind of a package deal.

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