9 Ways to Deal with Uncontrollable Hair Every Girl Should Know ...


Bad hair days are the WORST. Nothing annoys me more in the morning than my hair deciding that it feels like being completely free, and totally uncontrollable. ARRRGGHH. Let bad days become a thing of the past with these great tips to make you hair much easier to control and style – straight from hairdressers and stylists themselves.

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Wet or Dry?

Okay, so we’ve all read that we should let our hair dry before we brush it, but that’s not technically true. Different hair will respond to different brush types, so spend some time working out what makes your hair happy. For me, with long, fine hair, brushing when it’s wet is the thing of nightmares – it sticks up everywhere and looks terrible. If you’ve got curly hair, though, brushing when your hair is wet is a definite YES. Then avoid the brush when your hair is dry – dry, curly hair & a brush = major frizz.


Go for a Bun

If you wash your hair before you go to sleep, you need to be careful that your pillows don’t frizz it all up and undo all your good work before morning. Pull your hair into a low bun, secure and sleep with it there. You’ll wake up with smooth, frizz-free hair that doesn’t require much taming before you can style it.


Invest in a Trio

Gel, mousse and hairspray are hair essentials. Gel is used to define – use it on wet hair. For example, define curls by applying gel to wet hair and twisting around your finger. Mousse is taming, so apply to calm down curls and frizz, or help tame your parting. Hairspray is essential for keeping your hair in the finished style – apply as much as you need to keep your hair looking perfect.


Learn to French Braid

I’m serious. Get a friend or family member, or even your hairdresser, to show you how to whip your hair into a stylish French braid. Not only is it trendy and striking, but it’s perfect for when the weather is suddenly wet or humid, and you want to avoid frizz. It’ll hold everything in place, and totally prevent flyaways. Perfect.


Use an Oil

Argan Oil and Morrocan Oil are really popular because they help to rejuvenate hair by restoring cuticles, encouraging growth and enhancing the overall condition of your hair. They are perfect for avoiding bad hair days, too. Some hair types prefer different oils, but Fushi’s Really Good Hair Oil is one that I’ve only heard good things about. Apply regularly!


Put down the Straighteners

Heat treatment might seem like the only option when your hair has a mind of its own, but heat can actually worsen frizz and make hair even less tameable. If you do need to apply heat, use the lowest heat possible – cold is perfect. Do give your hair a rest sometimes, too. That goes for curlers, as well as straighteners!


Try Conditioning

A leave-in or spray-on conditioner might be just what your hair needs to behave itself. Not only do they seal in moisture and fight frizz, but they protect from damage too, and tend to leave your hair soft and smooth. If leave-in conditioner makes your hair too heavy or greasy, try a hair mask, instead.


Dry Shampoo

Have some dry shampoo in your handbag for times when your hair needs taming on the go. Not only does it make your hair look soft and clean even when you haven’t had time to hit the shower, but it adds volume, aids styling and smells gorgeous, too. Spray into the hair, massage to help soak up oil, and brush through. You’ll see the different straight away.


Change Your Bedding

Wake up looking like you’ve been dragged around by your hair? Your bedding could be to blame. Hair flows much more easily on satin pillows than cotton, and you’ll experience less breakage, too. Satin doesn’t come cheap, but it’s really worth it. If you can’t stretch to new bedding for now, try securing your hair up in a braid instead.

Once you’ve started putting these tips in motion, you’ll find that your hair is much easier to control, as well as shiny and healthy looking. In fact, prepare for confidence galore! Do you have a tip for taming crazy hair? I’d love to hear it.

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