7 Celebrity Hairstyles Stylists Advise Us to Avoid ...

Celebrity hairstyles are the definition of trendy, flawless and chic, they cost a fortune and are often imitated yet even celebs strike out sometimes and end up sporting a look nobody in the right mind would want to emulate. And since bad celebrity hair deserves just as much attention as the good one, it’s time to take a step back and have a good look at some of the recent worst celebrity updos, styles and cuts:

1. Kate Gosselin’s Front Mullet

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Hair stylists just couldn’t wait to get their hands on Kate’s mullet and, in case you’ve been keeping up with Jon & Kate Plus 8, you’ll definitely agree it was a necessary thing to do! Outdated and highly unflattering, both front and classic mullet cuts don’t fall under the category of celebrity hairstyles you want to emulate unless you’re really, really brave or desperately hoping to bury all chances of having a dynamic love-life. Give a sexy, youthful pixie cut a shot instead or opt for one of many interesting bobs – they are more flattering and you won’t need to browse through images of celebrities whose career was at its peak 20 years ago to get the look.

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