7 Celebrity Hairstyles Stylists Advise Us to Avoid ...


7 Celebrity Hairstyles Stylists Advise Us to Avoid ...
7 Celebrity Hairstyles Stylists Advise Us to Avoid ...

Celebrity hairstyles are the definition of trendy, flawless and chic, they cost a fortune and are often imitated yet even celebs strike out sometimes and end up sporting a look nobody in the right mind would want to emulate. And since bad celebrity hair deserves just as much attention as the good one, it’s time to take a step back and have a good look at some of the recent worst celebrity updos, styles and cuts:

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Kate Gosselin’s Front Mullet

Kate Gosselin’s Front Mullet Hair stylists just couldn’t wait to get their hands on Kate’s mullet and, in case you’ve been keeping up with Jon & Kate Plus 8, you’ll definitely agree it was a necessary thing to do! Outdated and highly unflattering, both front and classic mullet cuts don’t fall under the category of celebrity hairstyles you want to emulate unless you’re really, really brave or desperately hoping to bury all chances of having a dynamic love-life. Give a sexy, youthful pixie cut a shot instead or opt for one of many interesting bobs – they are more flattering and you won’t need to browse through images of celebrities whose career was at its peak 20 years ago to get the look.


Amy Winehouse over-Exaggerated Beehive

Amy Winehouse over-Exaggerated Beehive If it’s big enough to house a rodent – it shouldn’t be on your head! And with all due respect to our beloved Amy, her beehive did look like some poor creature might be living in it. A bit of teasing and backcombing will add some volume and help you create a glam updo but that’s only in case you remember to stop teasing before your hairstyle starts threatening to add more inches to your height than heels. Enormous beehive did make a few guest appearances on other, usually quite stylish celebrities such as Kim Cattrall and Paula Abdul but it didn’t take long to realize that this style simply isn’t going to happen. And in case you think this is one of the worst celebrity updos ever, you’ll definitely want to keep reading as there are many more that might make you change your mind.


Nicki Minaj’s Collection of Crazy Wigs

Nicki Minaj’s Collection of Crazy Wigs Speaking about bad celebrity hair, somebody should tell Nicki that hair doesn’t need to be color-coordinated to match the outfit! Her huge collection on animal print, neon and merrily streaked wigs is really giving me creeps and even her decent front lace ones seem to have a rather odd fit that screams fake. The conclusion – keep your Halloween gear close in case somebody decides to throw a costume party yet not close enough to actually start considering wearing it for no good reason.


Britney’s Bad Extensions

Britney’s Bad Extensions Next place on my list of celebrity hairstyles you don’t want to be caught dead emulating belongs to Britney a.k.a the Queen of Bad Extensions and her famous “Daddy longlegs” look! And as much as I believe no person in the right mind would ever consider this look, it’s still a good snow&tell for every girl that’s hoping to learn the difference between bad weave/extensions and a good one.


Kelly Osbourne’s Grandma Tint

Kelly Osbourne’s Grandma Tint Most people opt for a certain celebrity hairstyle hoping to look younger and more stylish but Kelly wouldn’t be Kelly if she didn’t refuse to just go with the flow! And instead of opting for a youthful yet sexy style to match her radically changed looks, she settled for a grayish tint fit for a grandma! Definitely not cool but hey, let’s look on the bright side – in case they ever decide to do The Queen remake, she has pretty good chances of landing the lead role.


Naomi Campbell’s Non-Existent Edges

Naomi Campbell’s Non-Existent Edges Next on my list of ladies accused for the crimes of popularizing bad celebrity hair and hair-care habits is Naomi and judging by the looks of her edges (or should I say the lack of them), she’d better plead guilty! Weaves, wigs and extensions are definitely here to make things easy for us and they can be a lot of fun if we keep in mind that they are, after all, a temporary solution we can live without. Naomi, in the other hand, didn’t really stop to think things through and the result is… well… you tell me.


Drew Barrymore’s Ombre

Drew Barrymore’s Ombre One of the most popular celebrity hairstyles of today, ombre will help you mask dark roots, grow your hair and achieve a dramatic color change without the big chop. Neat, huh? Absolutely! The stylists are warning us, though, pointing out that a way too radical ombre isn’t something all girls could benefit from. Just look at Drew Barrymore –subtle ombre/ harsh ombre – which one do you think is more sophisticated?

Which are the worst celebrity updos you’ve ever seen and are there any particular celebrity hairstyles you hated for some reason? Do share!

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i kinda like the ombre look.

I like Amy's hair!

I have ombre and its not always to hide roots it for people who dont like to dye their hair alot and want to grow their hair out longer faster

ombre isn't that bad...

wow, easy people. p to the s though, i think kelly o's hair is awesome! not all can handle it, but if you're down for the upkeep, do it!

Wow, ever hear of Google? If you need a pic, look it up! It takes 10 seconds. The blogger took the time to write this, if you don't recognize the celeb's name, chances are you didn't obsess over their hairstyle anyway.

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