Fab👌🏼and Easy 👍🏼Roll out of Bed Hairstyles 🙆🏼 for Girls Who Want to Sleep in 😴 ...

The alarm didn’t go off. The alarm sounded but you hit off instead of snooze. Whatever the reason, you’re now running late. And horror of horrors, you’ve got major bed hair and no time to wash and style it. Don’t panic. There are some great hairstyles you can do in just a few minutes and look so good no one will ever know you had a crazy mad morning.

1. 2 Minute Messy Bun

Rachhloves comes to your rescue with a cute style you can do in just two minutes. That might just give you a few extra minutes to put your mascara on rather than trying to do it on your commute. This is so good and so easy to do, you’ll love it even on days when you’re not rushed.