7 Victorian Hairstyles It's Time to Bring Back ...

We all love period dramas set in the Victorian Era. Women in the 1800s wore beautiful long dresses, appealing makeup, and elegant hairstyles. While you'd get second glances if you wore a ball gown around in the summer, you should feel free to wear hairstyles inspired by the Victorian Era. Here are a few of the most fabulous ones that'll fit right in with modern times:

1. Late Victorian Hairstyle

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Not only is this hair tutorial informative, but it's also funny. It'll show you exactly how to do your hair in order to create a style that's inspired by the Late Victorian Era. All you have to do is place some dry shampoo into your hair. Then you should grab a brush, a headband, and some bobby pins. Once you put your hair up by following the instructions in the video, you just need a curler to make your hair as curly as you can.

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