21 Quick Hairstyles for Curly Textured Hair ...


21 Quick Hairstyles for Curly Textured Hair ...
21 Quick Hairstyles for Curly Textured Hair ...

Being the natural hair busy bee rock stars that we are, we need quick hairstyles for curly textured hair. Many a-mornin’, after a long night of work or study, we wish for more time to get things done before heading out the door – hair included, but it doesn’t always work out. If we are short on time, we can knock out any one of these quick hairstyles for curly textured hair in a flash.

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Wash and Go

The wash-n-go is one of the easiest hairstyles for curly textured hair around. Now, you and I know that this method can be time consuming. However, a modified version will get you out the door quickly. Just cleanse and condition in the shower, blot-dry with a t-shirt, apply curl pudding and finger comb. Done!


Ever Lovin' Pineapple

Oh, the dearly loved pineapple – so simple, it doesn’t really need a video (but here's one anyway). Many of us use this technique as an overnight curl saving method. The pineapple is also a super easy style for natural hair that you can wear anytime. Gather your hair into a high ponytail and secure in place. Cute!


Curly 'fro

Who does not love a curly afro? It is gorgeous and super easy. Mist your hair with a mixture of water and conditioner, scrunch and go! No matter if your result ranges from a TWA (teeny weenie afro) to a BAF (big ass ‘fro), rock it!


Flat Twisted Ponytail

Do you know how to flat twist? It is super easy to learn and quick to do. This style combines two flat twists with a side ponytail for quick hairdo that lasts all day long.


Goddess Braid

One of the cutest styles for short natural hair is the goddess braid. Cute – check! Protective – check! Easy peasy – you betcha! This fabulously feminine style is a great staple for your winter hairstyle rotation.


The goddess braid is a beautiful and protective style for short natural hair. It's easy to create and perfect for the winter months. This style is achieved by braiding the hair in sections, starting at the front and working towards the back. It can be created with or without extensions, depending on the desired look. The end result is a beautiful, feminine hairstyle that adds volume and texture to the hair. It's a great way to add a bit of glamour to any look.


Flat Twist Halo

The flat twist halo is another fantastic hairstyle you will love. Finger detangle your hair using a little coconut oil, flat twist along the hairline from crown to nape and voila! You are out the door with a cute style and pre-poo treatment. Two birds, one stone – simple.


Braided Hairband

Hair feeling a little out of control and you wish for a nice hair band that matches your outfit? Give this style a try. Part your hair across the crown from ear to ear and braid that section, pinning the end behind your ear. Mist the rest, scrunch and go!


Faux Bangs and High Bun

Still working that two-day-old twist out? Yeah, me too! Try this style for a little variety. Create a faux bang using hairpins and a little conditioning spray then collect the rest in a high bun. Be sure to get those angles right and hello, retro cuteness!



We love a good faux hawk and this one is gorgeous, honey. Gather hair along the middle of your scalp from crown to nape. Gently smooth sides with styling cream and pin in place – quick edgy fun. Mist your frohawk with a conditioning spray and scrunch those curls to make them pop.


Twisted Faux Hawk

The twisted faux hawk is a great alternative for longhaired curlies who want to give this style a go. Gather hair in the middle from crown to nape, twist the ends around to shorten the length and pin in place. Voila!



Natural hair is incredibly versatile. The variety of textures makes a simple half updo look effortlessly elegant – like this one.


Victory Rolls

Ooh, mama – vintage hairstyles are fabulous! I love hairstyles from the '40s and victory rolls are a personal fave! Not only is this one gorgeous, it is also easy to install. All you need is styling cream and hairpins.


Low Pony

The low pony is also incredibly easy. Like, roll out of bed, throw on a hair tie and hit the shower easy kind of easy. It is also, thankfully, super quick! Gather hair at the nape of your neck and secure in place. Free a few curls around the hairline to frame your face. Get showered, get dressed and go!


Side Braid

Gather hair to the side, braid your locks and secure those ends. This super speedy style is particularly helpful if your hair is beyond shoulder length.


Perfect for days when you want a hassle-free look with a cute twist. Curly hair lends itself wonderfully to the texture of a side braid, giving it an effortlessly romantic vibe. It's ideal for casual outings or even more formal events where you want your personality to shine through your hairstyle. To manage frizz and keep the style in place, lightly spritz with a flexible-hold hairspray or use a small amount of anti-frizz serum. With each strand effortlessly woven into place, you're ready to face your day with both comfort and charm.


Faux Bob

The faux bob is great for an impromptu night out. Mist hair, add an elastic band and tuck away the ends, creating the illusion of shorter hair. Finish up the look with makeup and a great outfit and you are ready to go.


Pompadour Love

Ah, another wonderfully quick and fabulous style. Vintage hairdos get me every time. This pompadour is another of my favorites. Gorgeous vintage hairstyles look great on natural hair. Give it a try!


Sleek Low Bun

A low sleek bun looks great on us naturalistas! Spritz hair from root to tip using a mixture of water and conditioner. Finger comb the strands and scrunch the ends then gather the bulk in a low bun and secure with hairpins. Smooth the edges with a bit of Eco gel.


High Bun

The high bun is another easy protective style that looks great anytime. Gather your hair on top of your head, twist the base and tuck those ends in place. The result is a fabulously textured ballerina bun. Give it a go, it looks great.


Messy Bun

The messy bun is a fabulous style that you can wear day or night. Mist your hair with a little conditioning mix, finger comb and scrunch your strands then gather hair together loosely. Secure your effortlessly exotic messy bun in place and go.


Side Puff

This is great for second day, shoulder length hair. Mist your strands and gather hair at the side of your nape. The side puff is a super cute, unexpected style that is easy to install and fun to wear.


Double Twisted Updo

We end this list with another fabulous nod to vintage hairstyles everywhere. The double twisted updo is beautiful. Like many other styles on this list the double twisted updo is also a great protective style! Sport a fantastic look while protecting your ends and encouraging hair growth.

There are so many quick hairstyles for curly textured hair that this list could go on and on but we will pause here for now. Do you have a favorite quick style? What is your hairstyle rotation?

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