7 No Fuss Hairstyles for Thanksgiving This Year ...


7 No Fuss Hairstyles for Thanksgiving This Year ...
7 No Fuss Hairstyles for Thanksgiving This Year ...

If you are looking for hairstyles for Thanksgiving, you are not alone. You’re about to gorge on a couple thousand calories so you want to be totally comfortable. A no fuss style is comfy, but doesn’t have to be unattractive. You can look trendy and fabulous while also having a style that you won’t have to mess with all day long. I plan to use one of these hairstyles for Thanksgiving and change into my yoga pants as soon as possible after eating. What about you?

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French Braid

French Braid I love a French braid because it is easy to do and looks elegant and beautiful with any outfit. In fact, it’s one of my absolute favorite hairstyles for Thanksgiving, or anytime for that matter. You can jazz it up by adding a cute ribbon or barrette. It also looks fabulous with a headband. Do your French braid down your back or braid it to the side and secure it under your ear.


Leave It down

Leave It down The best way to avoid a style that you have to fuss around with all day is to skip it altogether. Simply brush or comb your locks, then leave them alone. There’s a certain sophistication that comes with loose, flowing hair. You can add some curl or wave, or just leave it straight. Of course, if you’re cooking, you might want to tie it back while you’re in the kitchen.


Messy Bun

Messy Bun What I love most about a messy bun is how it is so easy to do, but it still looks good. Instead of the severe librarian bun, you wind up with a look that is both modern and out of the way. You can put your bun high, low or in between. Then simply pull a few strands out and rough it up just a tad so it looks low maintenance, but still beautiful.



Ponytail I’ll be honest. This is probably the style I’ll go with. A ponytail is perfect for keeping your hair out of your face (and the food). It doesn’t have to look like you just rolled out of bed though. Secure your ponytail high on your head and give it some volume for a sophisticated take on a classic hairstyle. If the celebs wear this on the red carpet, you can certainly pull it off for Thanksgiving this year.


Wear a Scarf or Headband

Wear a Scarf or Headband It’s true that no fuss hairstyles vary from girl to girl. For me, no fuss means having my hair up, while other girls say that their no fuss look is loose and down. Either way, you can make your style something special for the holiday by adding a pretty headband or scarf. Both look great whether your hair is up or down and will give your look some personality and fun.


Half up

Half up A half up look is easy to do and glams up a jeans outfit or something more formal. You can braid part of your hair or simply clip it back with a cute barrette or ribbon. Twisting the top of half of your hair to the side and securing it with bobby pins is also cute. Just make sure that your chosen hair accessory is tight enough that you won’t have to mess it with all day to keep it in place.



Chignon Don’t be intimidated by the fancy name of this hair style. It’s easy and looks perfect dressed up or down. To do the look, you pull your hair into a ponytail, then roll and tuck it under to create a bun-like look, but with flair. Add personality with a barrette or silk flower. Perfect!

How will you do your hair for Thanksgiving? Please share your no fuss ideas so we all have something new try this year.

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That first photo is of a Dutch braid ,not a French braid...

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Omg n.6 is from the movie werewolf boy♡♡♡

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