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27 Adorable Little Girl Hairstyles Your Daughter Will Love ...

By Eliza

I have three boys so little girl hairstyles aren't something I get to do too often. I do have nieces so sometimes I get to try something cool. Your daughter is going to flip for these adorable looks. Every girl wants fancy hair right? Give her one of these little girl hairstyles and you'll be her hero for life. Check it out!

Table of contents:

  1. Braid into a bun
  2. Add some bows
  3. Pulled over braids
  4. Lots of braids
  5. Zig-zag ponytails
  6. Asymmetrical braids
  7. "frozen" hairstyles
  8. Messy bun
  9. Keeping it simple
  10. Several sections
  11. Braids with a twist
  12. Braid in a braid
  13. Braid bun
  14. From the bottom up
  15. Top knot
  16. Add some flair
  17. Easy flower girl do
  18. Crossed braids
  19. Braided heart
  20. Lots of curls
  21. Bow underneath
  22. Hair bow
  23. Double bows
  24. High braids
  25. Lots of detail
  26. Bows on top
  27. Lots of color

1 Braid into a Bun

Via How to Style Little Girls' ...
It is fabulous how the braid turns into a bun. This is sure to become one of many favorite little girl hairstyles in your house.

2 Add Some Bows

Via 37 Creative Hairstyle Ideas For ...
You can never go wrong by tying in some brightly colored bows like these.

3 Pulled over Braids

Via Hair Today
The braids are cute on their own, but pulled into the ponytail makes them even better.

4 Lots of Braids

Via Princess Piggies: Princess Pentagon
The more braids, the better, right? This style is topped off just right with the ribbon.

5 Zig-Zag Ponytails

Via 37 Creative Hairstyle Ideas For ...
This looks elaborate, but is fairly easy to do. Your daughter will love it!

6 Asymmetrical Braids

Via Girly Do Hairstyles: By Jenn: ...
There is no set in stone rule that says both sides of a hairstyle have to be the same.

7 "Frozen" Hairstyles

That little girl doesn't love the movie, "Frozen?" Thankfully, that means there are lots of tutorials to help you get the job done.

8 Messy Bun

Via Hair Today
It might be called a messy bun, but this is an adorable look, don't you think?

9 Keeping It Simple

This tiny little side braid isn't over the top of elaborate, but it still works just right.

10 Several Sections

Via 25 Cute Hairstyles and Tutorials ...
The sections that this hairstyle creates adds just a touch of drama to an otherwise simple pulled back style.

11 Braids with a Twist

Via Little School Girl Hairstyle8
I would have loved to have my mom do my hair like this as a kid. Cute!

12 Braid in a Braid

Via Triple Braided Pocahontas Braids & ...
It looks hard, but this is so easy! You will love doing it just as much as your little girl loves having it done.

13 Braid Bun

Via Girl Hairdos & Ideas
This braid bun almost looks like a hair accessory. It's super cute!

14 From the Bottom up

Via Girl Hairdos & Ideas
This look might be a little bit 1980s, but the decade is back so go for it!

15 Top Knot

She is adorable! The top knot style looks great on girls of any age.

16 Add Some Flair

Via Girl Hairdos & Ideas
Any look is even better when you accessorize. And little girls can pull off something this extravagant.

17 Easy Flower Girl do

Via Gallery & Inspiration | Picture ...
Even if she isn't in a wedding, this hairstyle is lovely for special occasions.

18 Crossed Braids

Via Lettter X Hairstyle | Babes ...
Take the simple double pigtails look to the next level by adding a couple of braids.

19 Braided Heart

Via Happy Valentine's Day
This look is sure to have all the little girls wanting you to do their hair.

20 Lots of Curls

Via Locks and Locks of Hairstyles: ...
All those curls (and the big bow) make this fancy style perfect for a party or wedding.

21 Bow underneath

Via Items similar to Spring bow ...
I love the way a cute bow looks underneath a top knot like this.

22 Hair Bow

Via Bespoke Brides Top 20 Unique ...
It's a bow made out of hair! What a great idea!

23 Double Bows

Via Girly Do Hairstyles: By Jenn: ...
If one bow is good, two must be better! This would be adorable for any occasion.

24 High Braids

Via A Simple Natural Hair Regimen ...
I wish I had that much hair!! The double high braids are stunning on her.

25 Lots of Detail

Via 50 Black Little Girls Hairstyles ...
This fancy style is sure to cause lots of smiles.

26 Bows on Top

Via 50 Black Little Girls Hairstyles ...
Braiding from the top up gives you plenty of hair to create the bows on top.

27 Lots of Color

Via Abella's Braids
Little girls can totally rock lots of color, so go for it!

Do you have a little girl whose hair you get to do? What are some other easy styles?

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