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11 Fierce Cuts for a Bold Natural You ...

By Shannon

If you are looking for a bold fierce new style then look no further than your own natural hair. You already know that hair is one of your best accessories. It complements who you are and provides you with another avenue of self-expression. Hair is versatile. It is one of the first things you notice. Why not have fun with it! Cut it, color it, style it up and make a statement. If you need a little help in the style department check out these eleven fierce cuts for natural hair.

1 Those Lines, Those Lines!

Those Lines, Those Lines!Take your short style to new edgy levels with sharp shaved lines and a high pomp! This fierce cut looks fantastic on kinky/curly/coily natural hair. Serve up this style with a large dose of confidence and a great outfit.

2 Straight Shaved

Straight ShavedFor a different take on texture try straighter tresses. No fear of damage, here – simply set wet hair on large rollers to stretch your strands. If you are short on time, apply a little heat to set the style quickly. Be sure to use a heat protection serum before styling.


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3 Extreme Pompadour

Extreme PompadourWe love this look and Emili Sande wears it well. This fierce blond close-cropped style is taken to another lever with a nice, high pompadour. Together, the platinum blond color and bold fearless cut create a great signature look. Rock it!

4 Deep Red Loveliness

Deep Red LovelinessIf you do not want to shave the sides of your hair but love the close cut style, try this alternate version. Longer hair creates a fuller look and shows off your kinks and curls. Don’t you just love the deep red tone, too? Consider a color change to add more dimension and elegance to the cut.

5 Alternative Mohawk

Alternative MohawkThis style serves up serious personality. Combine a wash and go mop-top with shaved sides for an unforgettable mohawk style. Remember to moisturize and trim often to maintain this flawless look.

6 Fly Crew Cut

Fly Crew CutCheck out this bold look. The neat hairline and tapered sides add interest to the luscious textured top. This style will surely put your kinks and curls on display.

7 Even Shorter

Even ShorterThe TWA (teeny weeny afro) is one of the fiercest cuts around. This super short style requires minimal work and maximum confidence. This classy style is great for highlighting the shape of your neck.

8 High Curly Fade

High Curly FadeNever one to shy away from a bold cut, Kelis treats us to another inspiring style! This cropped wash and go is ultra-glamorous! Make it your own.

9 High and Tight

High and TightThe high fade is both a throwback style and a fierce statement. Trim your hair regularly to ensure this timeless cut always looks. The result is of a well maintained high fade is absolutely stunning.

10 Stunning Asymmetry

Stunning AsymmetryThe cut is great but it is the bangs that really set this style apart from other asymmetrical styles. This style has volume for days thanks to a fantastic cut and super moisturized strands. The shape is lovely and the curls are on-point.

11 Shaved Glory

Shaved GloryShaved hair is bold beauty. It embodies fearlessness and exudes confidence.

Fierce haircuts range from classy and simple to edgy and sexy. No matter which style you choose – you win! Wear your cut with confidence! Stretched straight or worn curly, the method you choose to display each look is up to you. Please remember to protect your tresses and moisturize well. I hope you found a little inspiration in this list. Do you have a bold new cut for the year? What is your style?

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