7 Styles for Wet Hair ...


7 Styles for Wet Hair ...
7 Styles for Wet Hair ...

There are times when you don’t have time to blow-dry your hair before dashing out the door. It’s good to have some ideas for hairstyles for wet hair when those times come. That way, you can get out the door without sacrificing style. Wet hairstyles can be beautiful.

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The Casual, Loose Updo

This’s a video that can give you some pointers for styling wet hair. In addition to showing you how to style your hair into a casual, loose updo, it also gives you some product recommendations for wet hair. This hairstyle isn’t a complicated one. It’s a great choice for people that aren’t terribly talented with styling hair. It’s also a hairstyle that you could wear to work or out shopping with some friends.


The Loop and Fishtail Combo

Braids are so very in right now. This tutorial captures the braid trend perfectly. It’s a combination of two different styles of braids that combine to make one beautiful hairstyle. The instructions are explained well in this video with a good close-up example to follow. This hairstyle is fun and playful.


Embrace Your Inner Curl

The good thing about this hairstyle is that it can be done on short or long hair. It’s perfect for any length. If you’re a girl that’s blessed with some natural curl or waves then this style’s for you. It shows you how to perfectly capture your curl and keep that wet, shiny look all day. It’s a hairstyle that doesn’t have to be done perfectly to look nice, either.


Sock Bun with Bohemian Twist

While this video tutorial isn’t quite as polished as some of the others, the hairstyle is really cute. It’s a great way to get your hair up and out of your way with just minutes of styling. It looks really easy to do and could be cute on many different ages from a young girl on up. You could also easily add a hair accessory in with this hairstyle. It’s a hairstyle that you could wear on a date or out for a night with the girls.


The Rope Braided Pony

This is a very quick hair tutorial. It’s a great choice for mornings when you’re short on time. It takes just a couple of minutes and you’ve got a hairstyle that’s pretty. It’s also very unique. Don’t be surprised if you get a lot of compliments on this one.


A Crown Braid

This is a hairstyle that reminds you of a Disney princess or a fantasy movie. It has a romantic feel to it. It’s a cute look that you can rock for many different occasions. It’s certainly a hairstyle that’ll get you noticed. You may just start a new trend with this hairstyle.


The Triple Hair Twist

This is a hairstyle that looks very complex but is surprisingly simple to do. The instruction in this tutorial is given in good detail which makes it easy to follow. What looks very complex is actually something that you can do in just seconds. It’s a fun hairstyle for school, work or just hanging out with your friends. It looks pretty from the front, side and back.

These are 7 hairstyles for wet hair. What’s your favorite way to style your wet hair? Share your ideas with us!

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sorry but these hairstyles are not for wet hair

Number 3 u have to let air dry...why not just blow dry and do ur look

As long as your gentle with wet hair ALWAYS USE A LEAVE IN CONDITIONER!!

You shouldn't do anything with your wet hair, since the hair gets really sensitive and breaks easily when wet

Finally number 5 👍👍

even combing ur hair when wet is strictly not advised

Add a french braid or braids and let hair dry completely. Use a lil leave in conditioner or light spray, first and you'll end up with loose waves.

Number 2s hair ain't even wet...

agreed Sabrina

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