Lavender Hair and Other Killer Pastel Colors to Try for a Fresh New Look ...

By Laura

Lavender Hair and Other Killer Pastel Colors to Try for a Fresh New Look ...

It's 2019 and the pastel hair trend is still going strong. If you have ever considered coloring your locks a pastel color, lavender hair is the way to go! Or maybe you prefer a soft pink; whatever the case, you'll love seeing what these girls did for inspiration! Even if pastel hair isn't your thing, there's no denying that these ladies absolutely rock the trend.

1 Vibrant Lavender Hair

Source: Style

One of the best ways to rock pastel hair is to go all out with a vibrant lavender.

2 Lavender Hair

Source: All About The Mane

Her hair pops even more against her dark green hoodie.

3 Warm Lilac

Source: Rainbow Bright! Stand Out With ...

You can really accentuate the brightness of your hair by opting for a dark lip.

4 Purple

Source: 31 Dressy Braids For Short ...

Again, matching your hair to your eyeshadow can really amp up your look.

5 Lilac

Matching your makeup to your hair is a fun way to really showcase your love for all things pastel.

6 Silver, White, & Lavender Hair

Source: Hair ▣

These three colors really bring out the best in one another.

7 Pink Fade

Source: Get The Candy-Colored Hair Color ...

I think it's gorgeous the way her hair stars with a soft pink and fades to a darker shade.

8 Bright Lavender Hair

Source: Best Temporary Purple Hair Dye ...

Her purple braid and evening gown prove that pastel hair can look chic.

9 Pink & White with Dark Roots


Sometimes letting a bit of your natural hair show through creates a more dynamic color.

10 Blue Hair

Source: Beauty O'holic: Pastels Hair Lookbook

Adding texture to pastel hair adds to the whimsical vibe.

11 Silver, White, & Blue


I love how she blended silver, blue, and white to create a dynamic color.

12 Grey & Mint

Source: Girly Me

Swooning over this mermaid hair!

13 Pastel Mix

Source: Hot Hair Colors

Why choose one color when you can have them all?

14 Soft Pink

Source: They Are Wearing: London Fashion ...

Matching your hair to your outfit is another way to take the pastel trend up a notch.

15 Silver to Blue

Source: SAV : Photo

I love the idea of opting for an ombre pastel dye job.

16 Muted Blonde & Silver

Source: pastel hair | Wonder Forest: ...

Her muted blonde and silver hair could almost pass for natural.

17 Teal

Source: Vibrant/Pastel Colored Hair!

The layers in her hair add nice texture to her teal locks.

18 Mint

Source: 36 Pics Of Celebs I ...

Bring out your inner Lady Gaga by opting for mint green hair.

19 Ombre Grey


Her hair seamlessly goes from black, to grey, to silver, to blue.

20 Pink Faded Hair

Source: Tattoo Hottie's Profile is Private ...

Sometimes your roots will grab on to color more than the ends of your hair, creating a similar effect to this.

21 Warm Pink

Source: Hair

Her hair is darker at the top and lighter at the roots. Her twist really blends the colors together, creating a gorgeous updo.

22 Pink & Blonde

Source: Abbey Lee Kershaw

Concentrating the color at the top and letting it fade out into your natural hair creates a nice dynamic.

23 Dusty Pink

Source: Women's Clothing | Luxury Women's ...

This pastel braid really has me wanting to go out and color my hair pink.

24 Shades of Pink

Source: Temporary Electric Ombre Hair Dye ...

Curling the hair provides a softness to the shades of pink in her hair.

25 Silver, Purple, & Blue

Source: ♕♡♕

With this blend of colors, it's hard to see where one begins and the other ends, making for a gorgeous ombre appearance.

26 White, Mint, Pink, & Purple Hair

Source: Colour Styles to Try Out ...

Why choose blonde highlights when you could go for pink, green, purple, or blue?

27 Light Pink

Source: Temporary Electric Ombre Hair Dye ...

Her light pink hair almost has a peachy tint to it that's absolutely adorable.

28 Purple Ombre

Source: ✖️

Her hair combines two of the biggest trends: pastel and ombre.

29 Dusty Lilac Hair

Source: Fashion Favesby Anton Ostlund — ...

This dusty lilac shade would look great on every skin tone.

30 Dark Purple

Source: 30 Shades Of Purple Hair

Although you may not consider the top of her hair pastel, the ends fade into a silvery lavender color, proving there are many different ways to rock the pastel hair trend.

31 Cotton Candy Purple

Source: 30 Shades Of Purple Hair

The true definition of pastel hair: cotton candy shades!

32 Blue, Purple, & Grey

Source: 10 Gorgeous Ways to Go ...

This is one of the most seamless ombre dye jobs I have ever seen.

33 Ice Blue

Source: Hair Color Trends for 2013

Her ice blue hair really accentuates her pale skin and brown eyebrows.

34 Purple Ombre Hair

Source: How To Be A Pastel ...

Pastel hair is a great way to achieve the pastel goth look.

35 Grey

Source: Grey/Silver Hair

Grey hair and red lips are a match made in Heaven!

36 Straight Silver

Source: Amazing hair gespot!

I am in love with her pure silver hair.

37 Muted Pink

Source: Luna Belle

Her rose colored hair is the perfect compliment to her blush lips.

38 Dark Roots with Warm Shades


I am obsessed with how she coordinated her hair with her sunglasses and lipstick.

39 Muted Lilac Hair

Source: VIVRE !

Her lilac hair looks gorgeous amongst the blooming roses.

40 Blonde to Pink

Source: Style | Babble

Pastel hair doesn't have to be an all-over commitment. You can easily sport the trend just by dip dying the ends.

41 Pewter

Source: 28 Gals Who Are Pulling ...

If the delicate silver isn't your style, why not try a darker and more daring pewter?

42 Vibrant Light Blue

Source: Log in | Tumblr

This light blue really pops against her all-black attire.

43 Warm Pink & Red

Her hair is its own unique shade and playing around with pastel dyes can give you the opportunity to create something truly one-of-a-kind.

Would you ever consider coloring your hair a pastel shade like lavender? If so, what color? Tell us in the comments!

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