26 Hairstyles to Enhance Your Lovely Oval Shaped Face ...


26 Hairstyles to Enhance Your Lovely Oval Shaped Face ...
26 Hairstyles to Enhance Your Lovely Oval Shaped Face ...

You're one lucky lady if you have an oval shaped face. Pretty much any hairstyle will suit you: short, medium, long, bangs, sans bangs, curly, straight ... anything goes. But while that's great, what are the most flattering hairstyles for oval shaped faces?

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Fresh and Short

Fresh and Short Via 18 Short Hairstyles for Winter: ...
This is low maintenance.


Long Layers, Dramatically Side-swept Bangs

Long Layers, Dramatically Side-swept Bangs Via 25 Really Cute and Easy ...
Oval, round, long, heart and square shaped faces can wear this style.



BOB with SIDE BANGS Via Find the Best Haircut for ...
A collarbone-grazing bob with side-swept bangs helps break up a long face and add softness


This hairstyle can be both chic and timeless, blending effortlessly with various styles, from casual to formal. The asymmetry created by the side bangs adds an intriguing edge to the classic bob, making it a versatile option for those wanting to experiment with their look without a dramatic change. When styling, a blow dryer and round brush can achieve a sleek, polished appearance, or for a more carefree vibe, you can let it air dry and embrace a natural wave. The side-swept bangs also allow for easy maintenance, growing out gracefully while still framing the face beautifully.


Big and Bold

Big and Bold Via Hairstyle Gallery: Long Hair
Women with full, thick hair and oval or heart-shape faces wear this style well.


Jessica's Waves

Jessica's Waves Via Best and Worst Medium-Length Cuts ...
Soft waves and a sideswept bangs do the business.


Short Pixie

Short Pixie Via 20 Best Short Hairstyles for ...
This works well for an oval face and thin hair.


Silky Straight

Silky Straight Via Medium Hairstyles 2014 - Get ...
The length ends right at the shoulders and the layers are beautifully face-framing.


Curly Layers

Curly Layers Via Medium Curly Formal Hairstyle - ...
Lovely for medium length.


Short Bob

Short Bob Via Suitable Hairstyles for Women with ...
A short bob will work best for you if the length is slightly above the chin, to take the focus off your chin.


Blunt Cut

Blunt Cut Via short hairstyles for thin fine ...
This will boost volume of thin hair.


Center Part

Center Part Via Medium Hairstyles for Thick Hair ...
A longer style for fine hair.


Asymmetrical Shag

Asymmetrical Shag Via Beautiful Short Hairstyles for Fine ...
Works well on fine and medium thick hair.


Blunt Bangs

Blunt Bangs Via How to Flatter Your Face ...
Draw attention to your fabulous peepers.


Side Part Bob

Side Part Bob Via Hairstyles by Face Shape: The ...
A perfect cut for thick wavy hair.


Karlie's Chop

Karlie's Chop Via The Best New Haircuts For ...
You'll be right on trend if you pick this style in 2015.


Mila's Length

Mila's Length Via 32 Cute Long Hairstyles For ...
A gorgeous frame for a gorgeous oval shaped face.


Stylish and Short

Via Hairstyles For Women 2015 - ...
Good for thick hair. Easy to wear and easy to maintain.


Blunt Bangs

Blunt Bangs Via Find the Best Haircut for ...
If your oval face tends to look long, cutting straight bangs across the brow line can break up the length.



Jessica's SHOULDER-LENGTH WAVES Via The 10 Sexiest Haircuts for ...
The length of this simple, tousled look suits the oval face very well.


Jessica's shoulder-length waves embody the definition of effortless chic, making it a go-to style for those with a laid-back sense of fashion. The relaxed bends in the hair add volume and movement, accentuating the symmetry of an oval face without overwhelming its natural balance. To achieve this breezy look, use a wide-barrel curling iron and a texturizing spray for that perfect beachy touch. Whether dressed up for an evening out or kept casual for a day at the office, this hairstyle remains versatile and endlessly flattering.


Megan's Lengthy Look

Megan's Lengthy Look Via Hairstyles for oval faces: Celebrity ...
The fail-safe look for an oval face shape? Bouncy curls and plenty of length.


Bang to Right

Bang to Right Via Best Haircuts for Oval Faces ...
Bangs and long blunt cut ends are ideal.


Long and Wavy

Long and Wavy Via Long Wavy Hairstyles For Oval ...
I love the drama of this color but the style will work for any shade.


Sexy Long

Sexy Long Via The 10 Sexiest Haircuts for ...
A style like this really frames and oval face to its best advantage.


The long tresses effortlessly cascade down, adding both volume and fluidity to your look. With its sleek layers that gently taper towards the ends, it accentuates your cheekbones and elongates your neck, creating a sublime silhouette that's hard to ignore. Consider adding subtle highlights to enhance the texture and depth of your hair, or keep it all one shade for a bold, monochromatic statement. This hairstyle exudes confidence and a sense of timeless elegance that's perfect for any occasion, from casual outings to formal events.


Short Waves

Short Waves Via Haircuts for Oval Faces (21)
Soft and subtle waves will do it every time.


Long Layers

Long Layers Via images.search.yahoo.com
One of my favorite cuts.


Modern Shag

Modern Shag Via 26 of the Most Amazing ...

Don't go too high on the crown or it will add extra length to your face.

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Just seems like every hair style can work!

Very nice, why not some styles for fine thin hair

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Cute styles. Can't wait for my hair to grow out so I can cut it again b

Very fabulous, gorgeous, dazzling, nice, cute, fantastic and beautiful hairstyles for oval faces

Love them all! Wonder it suits for square and short forehead with modern shag

i have "blunt bangs" right now. i don't feel like i can pull them off tho.

Hate, hate, hate.

I agree with Christine, help Neecey!

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