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26 Hairstyles to Show off Your Square Face Beautifully ...

By Neecey

Are you wondering which are the best hairstyles to flatter your square shaped face? Which cuts will show off your gorgeousness in all its glory? Take a pew and get ready to peruse.

1 Body Perm

Body PermVia 19 Styles To Choose From ...
This type of perm looks best on people with a square shaped face and shoulder length hair, as it adds a lot of volume.

2 Jaimie's Short Cut

Jaimie's Short CutVia The 100 Hottest Short Hairstyles ...
A short cut keeps everything balanced.

3 Keira's Bob

Keira's BobVia 14 Best Pixie Cuts and ...
Keira is described as having a classic square shaped face so if you take inspiration from her for your hairstyles you can't go far wrong.

4 Minka's Lengthy Style

Minka's Lengthy StyleVia Top 100 Long Hairstyles for ...
Minka has chosen a long style that works well with all angular face shapes.

5 Natural Curls

Natural CurlsVia Short Curly Hairstyles Pictures For ...
The sweep up from the forehead adds length to a square face.

6 Delta's Soft Layers

Delta's Soft LayersVia Hairstyles for Square Faces | ...
The layers add volume to Delta's fine hair.

7 Olivia's Lob

Olivia's LobVia Got a Square Face Shape
Olivia Wilde is another class square face you can take hairstyle inspiration from. A long bob is a great hairstyle for a square face.

8 Go Short

Go ShortVia 20 Best Short Hairstyles for ...
Perfect for thin textured hair and square face.

9 Shoulder Length

Shoulder LengthVia Short Hairstyle For Square Face-0
Sideswept bangs and a slight off-center parting looks great - don't ya think?

10 Lily Goes Long

Lily Goes LongVia Got a Square Face Shape
Recommended by Jonathan Antin, celebrity stylist and owner of the Jonathan & George Salon in LA.

11 Rounded Fringe

Rounded FringeVia Got a Square Face Shape
If you want bangs or have them already, you'll want to make sure that the outside corners of your fringe is an inch to an inch and a half longer than the center of the bangs. This creates the framing effect, drawing the attention inward, ultimately softening a wider face

12 Keira's Pixie

Keira's PixieVia Top 50 Hairstyles for Square ...
Various pixies will work. Keira shows you how.

13 Medium Length

Medium LengthVia Medium Length Choppy Hairstyles
Definitely a pretty way to frame a square shaped face.

14 Choppy Bangs

Choppy BangsVia
Olivia's bangs are full and straight across but with even more choppiness to break them up

15 Side Part Wavy Long Hairstyle

Side Part Wavy Long HairstyleVia 6 most flattering / gorgeous ...
Another gorgeous hairstyle for square faces is the soft side parted long wavy hairstyle. This style is great for women with naturally wavy, curly hair textures. You can achieve this look easily and maintain it for a long time.

16 Thick Blunt Bangs

Thick Blunt BangsVia Best Hairstyles for Square Face ...
Thick blunt bangs that are longer on the sides are good option for square faces

17 Sandra's Short Curls

Sandra's Short CurlsVia Curly Hairstyles for Square Faces
Ms. Bullock inspires in so many ways.

18 Casual and Fun

Casual and FunVia Women Hairstyles
How will you wear yours today?

19 Long Ombré

Long OmbréVia
I love this look. Do you?

20 Soft Waves

Soft WavesVia Medium - Bing Images
Square faces tend to be angular so you want to soften them with waves, curls and the right kind of bangs.

21 Emily's Long Luscious Lob

Emily's Long Luscious LobVia Top 50 Hairstyles for Square ...
This hairstyle has all the elements of a square-face-friendly ‘do: 1. side-swept, rounded bangs, 2. below-the chin length, and 3. subtle layers.

22 Jessica Gets It Right

Jessica Gets It RightVia Baboom hair
A perfect bob for a square shaped face.

23 Cut to Flatter

Cut to FlatterVia Short Hairstyles for Square Faces ...
The shape of your face plays a big role in choosing a short hairstyle. Once you flatter your square face with the right haircut, you will look younger and glamorous.

24 Kristen's Simplicity

Kristen's SimplicityVia Top 50 Hairstyles for Square ...
Perfect the “girl-next-door” look with a simple, mid-length hairdo.

25 Sandra's Super Style

Sandra's Super StyleVia 50 Best Hairstyles For Square ...
Sandra's style shows how to soften the angles of a square face.

26 Keira's Layers

Keira's LayersVia 20 Hairstyles for Layered Hair ...

Keira does it again.

When's your next visit to the salon. Any pictures here you will taking along to your stylist?

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