7 Hairstyles That Go Great with a Beanie Hat ...


As easy as it is to throw on a beanie to cover up a bad hair day, it's even better to have some beanie hat hairstyles in your mental archive to help make the look be even more chic. With just a simple braid, some crafty hair tie placement, or a twirl of the curling wand, your beanie look can be totally transformed. Give hat hair the boot with these beanie hat hairstyles that are anything but drab:

1. The Basic Wave

The Basic Wave

One of the most popular and beloved beanie hat hairstyles is a simple wavy 'do. When combined with a slouchy beanie, you have a no-fail casual look that's sure to impress. To achieve this look, warm up a one inch curling iron, and wrap your hair around in small sections, going all the way around the head. If you have a lot of hair, section off the hair into three sections to make sure no piece goes un-curled. Give your hair a bit of a tousle with your fingers, and run some pomade gently through for a messy-on-purpose look.

Tiered Ponytail