Disney Channel Inspired Hairstyles for Any Age ...


Disney Channel Inspired Hairstyles for Any Age ...
Disney Channel Inspired Hairstyles for Any Age ...

Disney Channel girls are always known for their amazing hair. No matter what Disney Channel era you come from, there's a really good chance that you're going to fall in love with at least a few of these hairstyles!

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Debby Ryan's Natural Curls

Debby Ryan's Natural Curls Source: From Colton Haynes to Debby
Although these probably aren't natural curls (whose natural curls are this perfect?), I love that they look soft and natural!


Laura Marano's Braided Bangs

Laura Marano's Braided Bangs Source: beautyeditor.ca
Pull your bangs back with a braid like Laura Marano did!


Girl Meets World Hair

Girl Meets World Hair Source: Why Girl Meets World Is
I don't know about you, but my hair looked nothing like Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter's hair looks on Girl Meets World when I was their age! I still have hair envy! Their curls are perfect!


Bridgit Mendler's Messy Lob

Bridgit Mendler's Messy Lob Source: beautyeditor.ca
A lob looks even better when you add some beachy curls to the look!


Lela from Teen Beach Movie

Lela from Teen Beach Movie Source: GRACE PHIPPS 'Teen Beach Movie'
Lela's teased half-updo in Teen Beach Movie is so simple but so cute!


Bella Thorne's Side Braid

Bella Thorne's Side Braid Source: Need Some Hair and Makeup
Don't you just love this loose and messy braid?


Relaxed Waves

Relaxed Waves Source: Dove Cameron
These simple waves look like Dove Cameron got them by spending some time by the water!


Zendaya's Perfect Curls

Zendaya's Perfect Curls Source: The Most Gorgeous Hairstyles Zendaya
I wish I could curl my hair as perfectly as Zendaya's is!


Debby Ryan's Curls

Debby Ryan's Curls Source: Debby Ryan's Debut Album Cover
Debby Ryan's curls all go in the same direction which is why they look so perfectly styled!


Maia Mitchell in Teen Beach Movie

Maia Mitchell in Teen Beach Movie Source: 10 Things to Know About
Her hair always looked so perfect in Teen Beach Movie


G Hannelius

G Hannelius Source: More Photo Shoot Pics From
I love G's amazing highlights and lob!


Curly Side Ponytail

Curly Side Ponytail How does a curly side ponytail look so perfectly done? Mine would just look messy!


Olivia Holt's Beach Waves

Olivia Holt's Beach Waves Source: Disney Channel Orders Olivia Holt
These are the perfect beach waves!


Sabrina Carpenter's Straight Hair

Sabrina Carpenter's Straight Hair Source: Video: Sabrina Carpenter Interviewed By
It's rare that we see Sabrina Carpenter with straight hair, which is a shame, because she rocks it!


Dove Cameron's Windswept do

Dove Cameron's Windswept do Source: Every Last Beauty Look from
I love how the wind blows Dove's hair back perfectly.


Selena's Curly Bob

Selena's Curly Bob Source: 16 Cool Hairstyles for Medium
The only thing cuter about this look than Selena's short hair is her pretty flower crown!


Messy Waves

Messy Waves Source: Photo: Sabrina Carpenter Performing At
This is such an easy, heatless hairstyle to do! Simply throw your towel-dried hair into a bun and go to sleep! You'll wake up with Sabrina Carpenter-level waves!


Laura Marano's Sleek Strands

Laura Marano's Sleek Strands Source: beautyeditor.ca
Laura Marano looks amazing with sleek, straight hair!


Miley's Long Curls

Miley's Long Curls Source: Four Seasons - The Evolution
I wanted Miley Cyrus's so badly when she had this style!


Olivia Holt's Half up Curls

Olivia Holt's Half up Curls Source: The Best Dressed at the
Olivia's hair was pulled back into a teased half-up style and her curls look so great!


Curls Away from the Face

Curls Away from the Face Source: Video: Laura Marano Dished On
Laura Marano's hair has a 70s vibe to it when the curls are directed away from her face like this!


Vanessa Hudgen's Simple Curls

Vanessa Hudgen's Simple Curls Source: We're All in This Together
I was a Disney Channel girl when the High School Musical movies came out, and this style alone was what convinced me to start growing my hair out of a bob. Her curls were always so gorgeous in these movies!


Vanessa Hudgens truly captured the perfect balance between effortless and chic with her hairstyle in the Disney Channel era. It's amazing how merely curling your hair can instantly boost your glam factor, reminding us of the star's seamless transitions from on-screen performances to red carpet appearances. The trick to achieving Vanessa's simple curls is to use a wide-barrel curling iron and brush out the curls for a looser wave. This signature look is timeless—it works for a casual day out, a fancy evening event, or just when you need that little extra touch of Disney magic in your life.


Piper Curda's Curly Hairdo

Piper Curda's Curly Hairdo Source: Most Stylish Celebs at the
I love how her hair starts out straight and gets curly at the bottom.


Blunt Bangs

Blunt Bangs Source: Disney Channel Star Joins 'Alexander
Don't you just love Bella Thorne's blunt bangs? So pretty and retro!


Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter's Curls

Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter's Curls Source: Megan & Liz: Radio Disney
These girls were so young when this picture was taken, and their hair looks better than mine has ever looked, like ever.


Jessie's Wedding Look

Jessie's Wedding Look Source: OK! Exclusive: See The First
It may have been a Disney Channel wedding, but Jessie's (Debbie Ryan's) wedding hairstyle has inspired hundreds of real weddings since then.


Natural Curls

Natural Curls Source: sabrina carpenter
This hairstyle reminds me of something we would've seen on Taylor Swift in 2008, and Sabrina rocks it!

What's your favorite Disney Channel hairstyle? Don't you just love these girls and their hairstyles? Let me know your favorite look in the comments!

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Omg look at laurens face lol

I just bought a new curling wand because my hair has been looking so boring lately need some fun curls in my life!!


I love Zendeyas curls

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