21 Day Braid Challenge for Girls Who Know How to Braid ...


Braids are having a moment right now and if you feel like you've always wanted to take your French braid to the next level - here you go, accept this amazing 21 day braid challenge and once you are through - you'll be the queen of braids for life!

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Joined at the Back

Joined at the Back These two braids join in the back for a pulled back and polished look.


Heart Braid

Heart Braid Isn't this fabulous? Could you do it?


Twisty and Turny

Twisty and Turny This curvy braid that ends in a bun is about as perfect as it gets.


French Braid Twist

French Braid Twist This riff on the classic French braid is pretty great, don't you think?


Getting Smaller

Getting Smaller Instead of getting bigger as it goes, this braid gets smaller. Cool, huh?


Faux Hawk Braid

hair, hairstyle, face, braid, french braid, What do you think of this edgy braid?


Zigging and Zagging

Zigging and Zagging There's nothing not to love about this fantastic braid!


Infinity Braid

Infinity Braid Isn't this cool? Perfect for work or play!


Braid inside a Ponytail

Braid inside a Ponytail This fabulous look is probably my new favorite!


Woven in Color

Woven in Color Not only is the braid super cool, but the colors are pretty great too.


Braided Mohawk

Braided Mohawk I love this, don't you?


Heart Part

Heart Part You're definitely going to get people talking with this braid.


Slanted Braid

Slanted Braid This braid might be simple, but it still makes a big impact.


Half up and Half down

Half up and Half down This criss cross braid headband is pretty easy to create and it looks really good too.


Single Braid Mohawk

Single Braid Mohawk Where would you go with your hair braided like this?


Cascade Braid

Cascade Braid This braid is fun and fresh! Could you master it?


Lots to Look at

Lots to Look at This braid might be elaborate, but it will be so worth the effort.


Look at All Those Braids

Look at All Those Braids This old style braided look is pretty great! And it's not that hard to copy.


Double Braid Crown

Double Braid Crown This isn't your average braided headband. Look at all that texture!


All Wrapped up

All Wrapped up Look at how the tiny braid mixes with the big one to make this fabulous updo.



Waterfall Perfect for any season, this waterfall braid will get you some compliments, for sure!

Which one of these braids is your favorite? What other ideas can you add?

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I'm still trying to figure out the fish tail braid! After that, I want to learn to do the waterfall braid. These are amazing, very talented girls!

I don't know how anyone could do this by themselves.

Beautiful braids these girl sure did kick it up a notch and I can barely do a french braid I have A LOT to practice. Step 1: master the french braid ....

21 isn't a waterfall braid... It's a zigzag lace braid

5, 12, 13 & 14 are the best.....this is what you call being creative and talented.

What about a single crown braid

13 and 14 actually aren't that hard. The rest look crazy hard. But I can actually do 13 and 14

I can't braid hair for my life

@Amy it doesn't really matter, the point is, it's a cool braid.

I only like no. 18 the rest is a bit too much.

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