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The Best Hairstyles to Wear with Flannel ...

By Holly

Now that it's colder, it's time to break out the flannel. You don't want your hair and outfit to look mismatched, which is why you need to have some hairdos that fit your flannel. Not sure how to style it? Here are few of the best hairstyles to wear with flannel:

1 Double Braid

Braids are meant to be worn in fall. Instead of creating the simple kind that you're used to wearing, you can create a double braid. All you have to do is brush out your hair, split it into two equal sections, and then create a three-strand braid on the left section. After that, you should create a three-strand braid with the other section of your hair, but weave it into your first braid.

2 Miniature Bun

Grab your curling iron and skip ahead to 4:27 if you're only interested in creating a miniature bun on the back of your head for a trendy half-up half-down do. However, if you want to recreate the whole look that the woman in this video is rocking, you should watch it from the beginning. Then she'll show you how she does her dark makeup.

3 Ladder Braid

Here's a braid that you don't see all that often. You should start off by putting your hair in a side ponytail. Then you should pick up a small strand of it and divide it into three equal sections. Braid that little part while incorporating pieces of hair from the other side of your ponytail. When you're finished, you'll have an adorable braid that looks sexy and sweet!

4 Twisted Side Ponytail

You should create this hairstyle when you only have a few minutes before you leave the house. You should start by grabbing a section of your hair and twisting it over another section of your hair. Continue to do this until you're done with your ponytail. Then you should secure it with an elastic.

5 Coronation Updo

This look was inspired by Elsa in Frozen. Even though she wore it during her coronation, you don't have to go to a fancy event in order to rock this style. It can look great with your flannel when you're about to go pumpkin picking or horseback riding.

6 Twisted Updo

A flannel outfit doesn't have to look casual. With a hairstyle like this, you'll look fancier than ever. All you have to do is take two small sections of hair and cross them over each other. Then add some more hair, twist it, and repeat. When you're done creating your braid, you should secure it, and start creating a braid on the other side. Lastly, you should complete the updo by rolling the two braids together.

7 Basic Braids

Everyone acts like you already know how to create basic braids. Of course, it's not actually common knowledge. If you're clueless when it comes to braids, you need to watch this tutorial. It'll show you how to create a braid, a french braid, and a dutch braid. Once you get the hang of it, you'll feel like you're in the loop again.

The next time you wear flannel, make sure your hair matches your outfit. Then you'll get compliments from everyone you see! Which one of these hairstyles is your favorite?

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