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Looking at celebrity haircuts and styles is a great source of hair inspiration. In fact, celebrities offer us so much fabulous inspiration when it comes to fashion, makeup, hair and so much more than we might realize. I mean, who better to get ideas from than those who have access to the best of the best when it comes to style and beauty? If you’re looking to find a new signature hairstyle or just want a new look for summer, browse these stunning celebrity haircuts for some of the best hair looks to rock this season!

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Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence JLaw is one of the many celebrities who is always getting praised for her choices of hairstyle. She looked dazzling with long, flowing hair and then chopped it all off to show us that she can pretty much rock hair at any length and look gorgeous. Currently, her hair is in the awkward growing out phase but this is definitely far from awkward. This is one of the celebrity haircuts that anyone who has grown out a short haircut can emulate in order to make the transition from short to long hair a little more bearable.


Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba I usually love everything Jessica Alba does with her hair but this is by far my favorite. First off, the color suits her skin tone so perfectly and the slightly below-the-shoulder length with soft waves just screams summer to me. I think this celebrity hair look is perfect for hanging out, school or work. It’s not so long that it’s heavy and hot, but it offers just enough length for those who shy away from cuts that are too short.


Amber Valletta

Amber Valletta Allure Magazine’s June cover girl is none other than Amber Valletta and the unique thing about her cover shoot was that she arrived with chin-length hair and left with a short, layered look. I think this cut is unique because it’s so versatile. She wore in styled as a shaggy bob, slicked back and with her bangs pushed back and they all looked fabulous. This is a perfect cut for the girl who likes a lot of variety in her looks without a lot of fuss.


Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling I thought Mindy Kaling had beautiful long hair, but this lob is just as stylish and chic! The lob is really having a moment right now with so many celebs rocking the cut, like Kaley Cuoco, Kelly Ripa and Jennifer Aniston all sporting one, but I love how they all put their own little spin on it. Mindy’s long side bangs and effortless bob looks so fresh and allows you to keep some length while still staying cool.


Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain Even though short hair is ideal for hot summer days, long hair is also an awesome option. With long hair, your style options are endless and if you get a style like Jessica Chastain’s, you’ve got flattering face-framing bangs that you can wear down or pushed back. Imagine how sexy your hair will look at all the summer parties and nights out with this chic cut!



Raven-Symoné Although Raven’s rainbow hair takes center stage, I love the asymmetrical cut with the shaved side, also. Even if you’re sick to death of seeing celebs with the side of their head shaved, you’ve gotta admit that it looks totally fresh with the purple, grey mixed in with streaks of other colors. Even if you just go for an asymmetrical bob without all the color and shaved side, it’s still hot! If you’re ready to make a big change with your hair, why not get some inspiration from this daring starlet?


Maggie Gyllenhaal

Maggie Gyllenhaal Another one of the hot celebrity haircuts for summer hair inspiration comes from Maggie Gyllenhaal. This girl always looks so classy and elegant with short hair and this pixie cut is everything! It looks so effortlessly chic and who wouldn’t appreciate having an easy-to-style style in the summer? If you have straight hair and have been wanting to make a bold move with your hair, the pixie is a timeless classic.


Gisele Bündchen

Gisele Bündchen Gisele has to be one of the celebs with the most sought after hair. The cut, color and style are always on point and she manages to always look like she just returned from an island vacay. So what other cut and style would work better for summer than her dreamy hair? You can usually see her rocking her mid-length, layered cut with a center part with some loose waves. Perfect for the day, night or of course, vacation!


Rita Ora

Rita Ora Rita is one of those stars that you can always turn to for fashion and hair inspiration. She's not afraid to be bold and try new styles, which is exactly the reason I love her. Rita had some gorj long locks but recently went for a choppy style that totally suits her edgy style. This cut is sexy and unexpected and has to be the best looking comb-over you've ever seen!

If you’ve been thinking about changing up your hair for the summer, allow these celebrity hairstyles and cuts inspire you to try something new. Something as seemingly simple as a haircut can do so much for your confidence, so why not treat yourself to a new cut this season? Who is your hair inspiration?

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