7 Enchanting Choppy Short Haircuts ...


Choppy short haircuts are a great choice if you want a practical but cool style. Short hair doesn't have to be boyish and it sure doesn't have to be boring. Try these choppy short haircuts and get yourself a fab new look …

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Short Brown Straight Hairstyle

Short Brown Straight Hairstyle The first of the choppy short haircuts I've picked out would be a fabulous style if you have dark hair. It would also look great dyed a bold color. The style has very heavy bangs, so if you suit hair full around your face it should look good on you. It has a very 'rock chick' look, so will work for someone who likes that casual kind of style.


Angular Bangs

Angular Bangs If you like your hair short, but don't want a crop, then this could be the style for you. It takes some courage to go for a cut this striking, but will certainly turn heads. It's another cut that would look good if you like to experiment with your hair color; try it with streaks of color through the bangs and a plain color in the rest of the hair. I particularly like the black here.


Sixties Style

Sixties Style This cute cut has a very Sixties vibe to it. You can imagine one of Andy Warhol's muses sporting it in Chelsea. Like the other short cuts it would look stunning with a strong color. It's an ideal cut if you love the weightlessness of short hair, but want to keep the feeling of some length in your hair.


Choppy Bob

Choppy Bob The ever-popular bob gets an update in this choppy version. It has a sci-fi look about it - you can imagine women wearing this in a futuristic movie. It's a good cut to choose if you want a choppy look but prefer not to have an angular cut. The short bangs mean that your hair won't get in your eyes, which is one of the more annoying things about bangs!


The 'Halle'

The 'Halle' We may not all have Halle Berry's cheekbones, but we can have her choppy cropped cut - if it works for us, of course! Dame Judi Dench has a similar cut, and shows that it can also look stunning on older women. It helps if you have a bit of movement in your hair - maybe it would be a good choice if you have curly hair but prefer to keep it short.


The Boyish Cut

The Boyish Cut Short cuts don't have to be masculine; many are very feminine. But if you suit a boyish or androgynous cut this could be the one for you. Like all short cuts, it will need frequent trims to keep it looking good, but it will also be very easy to wash and style. A quick shampoo, a few minutes drying time, a bit of product and you'll be good to go.


Full Choppy Cut

Full Choppy Cut This cut is a lovely one if you like your hair full but short. It has lots of layers and an uneven edge. The cut has side bangs, but you could also have full bangs if you prefer. It would suit hair of all colors, and looks to be a great cut if you ride a motorbike - pulling off your helmet would actually help the style, rather than mess it up!

If you opt for a choppy cut like these, you'll need to maintain the cut with frequent trips to the hairdressers, but they won't take a lot of styling. Have you ever had a dramatic cut that you loved or hated?

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I luv this

I donated my hair a few months ago to cancer so now I have a short bob, but let me tell u tht I look bttr with short hair bc it shows my facial structure

simple cuts looks great

I currently got the choppy bob at first I hated it now I'm kinda feeling it

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