72 Fabulous Ideas for Summer Hair Inspiration ...

By Jennifer

Whether you need a fancy new updo or an everyday style you love, here's a little summer hair inspiration to get you motivated to try a new cut, color, or style - or all three! Which of these summer hair photos will you love best? Let's find out.

Table of contents:

  1. highlights
  2. big curls
  3. waterfall braid
  4. boho band
  5. pretty braid waves
  6. ombre
  7. side braid
  8. lighter color
  9. lace band
  10. hair scarf
  11. auburn hair blonde highlights
  12. volume
  13. cuteness
  14. messy
  15. fishtail
  16. loose waves
  17. braid
  18. nice
  19. knot
  20. braids
  21. short cut
  22. salt spray
  23. highlights
  24. beach waves
  25. sleek
  26. boho head chain
  27. beach look
  28. baseball cap
  29. love this
  30. messy braid
  31. band
  32. j-law
  33. low bun
  34. braid and bun
  35. flower crown
  36. 3-colour dip dyed extensions
  37. starlet summer style
  38. hair ties
  39. classic
  40. bridal
  41. more messy
  42. braided bangs
  43. katharine mcphee's wavy bob
  44. natural
  45. flower hair pins
  46. all summer
  47. stacked bob
  48. the full-volume updo
  49. seeing stars
  50. lovely!
  51. ashley benson
  52. summer glam
  53. hat
  54. sex appeal
  55. rollers
  56. barrette
  57. evan rachel wood
  58. braided beads
  59. pretty ombré
  60. at the beach
  61. sleek
  62. long braid
  63. beach waves
  64. updo
  65. little braid
  66. middle part
  67. loose braid

1 Highlights

Via New Images - TinyPic - ...
This is the perfect summer hair color, a darker base with bright highlights. I love how they look with the loose beach-y waves!

2 Big Curls

Via Kate Vannatta on Instagram: “Chop, ...
All you need is a long layered bob, some ombre highlighting, and a big curling iron.

3 Waterfall Braid

Via Braids, Buns, and Beach Waves: ...
I'm loving this waterfall braid - what a gorgeous way to keep your long bangs out of your face!

4 Boho Band

Via lockerz.com
Grab your fave elastic headband, section and twist your hair int eh back, and tuck into the back of the headband. Gorgeous!

5 Pretty Braid Waves

Via HOW DOOOO THIS! on The ...
Braid damp hair before bed, then remove the braid and finger-comb in the morning. Re-braid just the crown on one or both sides. Done!

6 Ombre

Via pretty little things
Ombre is still on trend, and I love this less-obvious version!

7 Side Braid

Via Beautiful Braids...
Messy side braid meet low pony, fastened with a daisy band. Love it!

8 Lighter Color

Via Beauty
Mary Kate (or Ashley's?) summer color is still brunette, but lighter on top. Love!

9 Lace Band

Via Hair Heaven
Another take of the boho band "tuck" updo.

10 Hair Scarf

Via rikshaw design
What a great way to use your favorite scarves! Easy and pretty, perfect for a day of shopping to buy more scarves!

11 Auburn Hair Blonde Highlights

Via I love this. I want ...
The perfect summertime strawberry blonde, with long layers. Love it!

12 Volume

Via Monica Cruz At 'Jerry Cotton' ...
Get inspired by Penelope Cruz's big volume - so sexy 60s!

13 Cuteness

Via Sammydress (sammydress)
Start at one side, braid back, then make a messy topknot and call it a day.

14 Messy

Via Sunglass Style with Joico - ...
A couple of loose, messy braids, then fasten with a bit of lace or a bobby pin. Love the color, too!

15 Fishtail

Via 29 Inspiring Hairstyles for Wedding ...
Make a high ponytail, then a herringbone or fishtail braid. Fasten with another hair elastic. Gorgeous!

16 Loose Waves

Via blonde ombre • pretty
Loving the loose waves and the brunette-to-blonde ombre color.

17 Braid

Via Hair Trends - Easy Hairstyles, ...
Braided all the way round - so much more elegant than a ponytail updo!

18 Nice

Via maro-nicethings.blogspot.gr
Braided at the crown, then loose waves. This would be a pretty bridesmaid style for summer, wouldn't it?

19 Knot

Via 15 υπέροχα καλοκαιρινά χτενίσματα - ...
I'm not sure which I love more, the loose knot updo or that gorgeous crochet neckline.

20 Braids

Via beauty
French braid on each side, then a side fishtail braid to finish.

21 Short Cut

Via 4 Easy Summer Hair Styles
What a cute short cut! I love that blonde color, too. Wash, finger comb, spray, and go. Easy!

22 Salt Spray

Via June 2013 | Hair By ...
If you haven't used a beach-waves spray yet, what are you waiting for?

23 Highlights

Via Be Inspired
All of the gorgeous summer hair elements in one 'do: layered bob, ombre highlights, beach-ready waves.

24 Beach Waves

Via Sunny strands: Beat the heat ...
Longer version of the beach-y waves - love it! It looks like she used a flat iron instead of a round curling wand.

25 SLeek

Via For me
Sleek is still in. Love the caramel highlights, and that fantastic shine!

26 Boho Head Chain

Via Gold Head Chain Bohemian Hair ...
Sometimes summer hair is all about the accessories, like this delicate hair chain.

27 Beach Look

Via Hair envy
It's a twist, not a braid, and I love it! Perfect for the beach.

28 Baseball Cap

Via Where Did U Get That ...
A side braid tucked into your boyfriend's favorite baseball cap, perfect for a backyard BBQ.

29 Love This

Via I made a huge change! ...
Love, love, LOVE the long length and ultra-loose waves.

30 Messy Braid

Via 25 Summer Nail Art Trends ...
Proof that your braid doesn't have to be perfect - in fact, the messier, the better!

31 Band

Via Summer Hair Accessories | Andrea's ...
A DIY headband, perhaps? It's so pretty... love the little shell!

32 J-Law

Via 20 Popular Short Haircuts for ...
This is Jennifer Lawrence's pixie from last summer, but it's still so cute! Wash, add product, and finer-brush forward.

33 Low Bun

Via Beauty Tricks From Our Fave ...
Gather your hair at the nape of your neck, then twist and secure with a few pins. Done!

34 Braid and Bun

Via Breezy Summer Hair Looks
Braided sides into a sock bun - marvelously chic!

35 Flower Crown

Via Bridal flower crown, Woodland wedding ...
This palest-pink color is just as pretty and summer-perfect as that floral headband.

36 3-colour Dip Dyed Extensions

Via Items similar to Custom listing ...
I'm not bold enough to try this for real, but these extensions are a fun, commitment-free way to try the trend!

37 Starlet Summer Style

Via #theLIST: The Highlights for Now
An extreme side part with loose curls, and you're red carpet ready!

38 Hair Ties

Via Emi-Jay 'Desert Sun' Hair Ties ...
I love hair ties like these because they don't leave dents.

39 Classic

Via Box No. 216: June 2012
Blonde highlights and soft, subtle waves - date night!

40 Bridal

Via Holly Madison's Birthday, Britney Spears ...
A romantic twist on milkmaid braids, with pretty daisies pinned in.

41 More Messy

Via 5 Easy Styles for Chic ...
Golden at the roots, platinum on the ends, messy waves throughout.

42 Braided Bangs

Via hair
Start at one side, above your ear, and braid your way to the next side. Fasten with a pretty barrette, and you're done!

43 Katharine McPhee's Wavy Bob

Via Celebrity
She's got the best hair, hasn't she? It's so effortless but elegant!

44 Natural

Via 5 Chic and Sophisticated 2014 ...
I wish my hair was this tame/wild at the same time - gorgeous!

45 Flower Hair Pins

Via Flower hair pins, summer hair ...
Loving these pretty hair pins by Paige and Penelope on etsy.

46 All Summer

Via shop.serveusers.com
There's so much summer style inspiration here, aside from the long, loose waves! Love the shirt, coral nails and lips, and sunglasses!

47 Stacked Bob

Via 30 Best Bob Hairstyles for ...
Chunky and cool - love this layered stacked bob, and those beach-y waves!

48 The Full-volume Updo

Via Style, Love, Home, Horoscopes & ...
A French twist with a little extra volume at the top, ideal for date night, or as a bridesmaids' 'do.

49 Seeing Stars

Via Tropical Vacation Inspiration: 100 Photos ...
What a cute summer headband! Wear it like this, or twist the ends of your hair and tuck them up at the back.

50 Lovely!

Via my lovely.
I'd add in a few more braids. I love this style, and that floral-print dress!

51 Ashley Benson

Via Yahoo Health
Bed head meets summer 'do - loving this color, too!

52 Summer Glam

Via 60 Summer Hair Ideas From ...
Quite fancy - maybe lose a few of those rhinestones, but very deco and very 20s chic.

53 Hat

Via Janessa Leone Lucy Hat in ...
The most effortless summer hair ever - wear a cute hat. End.

54 Sex Appeal

Via The Best of Summer Hair ...
Perfectly sexy and effortless. Finger comb upside down, then spray the roots and you're done.

55 Rollers

Via Hairstyles
Two words: hot rollers. Leave on til cool, then flip upside down, finger-comb, spray, and you're done.

56 Barrette

So pretty! I love this delicate little barrette! Loving the highlights, too.

57 Evan Rachel Wood

Via The 32 Cutest Short Hairstyles—and ...
You could wear this style so many other ways, too! Slick it back, wear it smooth - the possibilities are endless!

58 Braided Beads

Via vynfshop.com
Who knew your favorite strand of beads could double as a hair accent? Just braid it in, loosely, and be careful taking it out at the end of the day.

59 Pretty Ombré

Via Google
A more extreme ombre effect - so gorgeous!

60 At the Beach

Via beautyhigh.com
Love the crochet bikini top, the delicate necklace, and the gorgeous fishtail braid.

61 Sleek

Via pinterest.com
What a pretty color, and what shine! That's a great long-bob for summer, especially with the side-swept bangs.

62 Long Braid

Via Our Guide to Gorgeous Summer ...
So easy! Make a high ponytail then braid it and fasten with an elastic that matches your hair color.

63 Beach Waves

Via Lazy Girl's Guide to Simple ...
Summer style - love the long, loose waves and the blonde highlights.

64 Updo

Via 3 Celeb-Inspired Hair Ideas for ...
Modified milk-maid braid - love the little wisps of hair left out, and her gorgeous earrings!

65 Little Braid

Via Art Symphony: Summer Hair
Her hair is so pin-straight and sleek, so it looks amazing against that delicate little braid. So sweet!

66 Middle Part

Via #theLIST: The Highlights for Now
Part in the middle, spray your roots, finger comb, and you're done.

67 Loose Braid


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