7 Absolutely Stunning Hair Colors to Try This Summer ...

Summer is a great time to switch out that boring winter hair color for some new, funky, vibrant hair colors to try. Or maybe you’re simply looking for something different than your natural color! Either way, these colors will make you stand out, and give you more pizzazz to your outfits! So check out these 7 great hair colors to try for this hot season.

1. Fiery Red

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Fiery Red is totally in right now. It’s a little simmered down from the bright red Rihanna rocked a couple years back. But, this color on Scarlett Johansson is just as much fun. It brings light to your face, yet it’s dark enough so that it won’t wash you out. It looks cool on any skin color and lends some sex appeal too! It’s definitely one of my favorite hair colors to try, especially in the warmer months.

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