7 Amazing Summer Hairstyles for Tightly Curly Hair ...


7 Amazing Summer Hairstyles for Tightly Curly Hair ...
7 Amazing Summer Hairstyles for Tightly Curly Hair ...

Hairstyles for tightly curly hair you’re about to check out will help you make it through this summer looking absolutely fabulous day to evening! Now, I do know that curly hair tends to have a mind of its own sometimes and I also know how exhausting straightening it could get in summer so I’ve decided to throw in a few videos to help you pick up a trick or two and find a new hairstyle for tightly coiled hair to add to your weekly styling routine! No heat, no time-consuming stuff and absolutely no mess or fuss, creating a perfect up do for extremely curly hair this summer is going to be a piece of cake!

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Retro Hairstyle for Tightly Coiled Hair

If you have naturally curly hair you probably think you’ll need to straighten it then reshape that curls to give them a looser pattern in order to pull off a sexy, rockabilly or pin up look! Well, guess what? No need to do any of those, simply follow the instructions in this video and you’ll have a picture-perfect summer hairstyle in no time! I’m even tempted to say this is one of the most awesome hairstyles for tightly curly hair I’ve seen lately but there are plenty more coming right up so I’ll just keep my opinion to myself and let you check them all out!


Grecian Inspired up do for Extremely Curly Hair

Detangle and braid your locks using the instructions from this video as your guideline and you’ll go through a transformation worthy of a goddess! And I mean literally! I absolutely love this Grecian inspired up-do and I bet something as simple adding hair accessories could help you make this look go from romantic to formal or even bridal! Have fun and enjoy your braids, they are a season’s hottest trend, after all!


Awesome Rihanna Hairstyle for Short Curly Hair

I have been posting quite a lot of Rihanna-looking styles lately and I’m not planning on apologizing for that because I’m absolutely and positively sure there are ladies out there who love this look just as much as I do! And in case you haven’t really considered twisting and pinning your curls this way you definitely ought to give it a shot! I mean girls pay money to have it done for parties -why not use what nature has given you for free and spend 5-10 minutes of your time creating this fantastic look!


Simple Romantic Style for Long Curly Hair

Ah, well this certainly is refreshing! And if you happen to be a curious Youtube-er as well, I’m sure you have noticed there aren’t really that many tutorials on hairstyles for tightly curly hair that isn’t short or medium length. It probably has something to do with the fact that long curly hair does look pretty awesome on its own or with a braid or two done just to keep it off the face. Anyway, I do have to admit that I like this simple, very basic look and I’m sure


Elegant up do for Naturally Curly Hair

This right here might not be the most ideal hairstyle for tightly coiled hair but hey – in case your curls tends to loosen up overnight or you also happen to have the so called “frizz, puff and almost no curl pattern” issue with some conditioners, this up do will come handy sooner or later. I’m definitely going to try this one because it looks absolutely perfect for my hair type and I hope some of you will do the same and keep me updated with the results.


Fishtail Braided Hairstyle for Long Curly Hair

Trendy fishtail braids aren’t something curly girls have to give up on! In fact, I have an awesome tutorial right here to help you get some ideas on how to style your hair this way for a gorgeous summer look that won’t only help you stay fabulous but prove to be amazingly comfortable to wear regardless of how hot the day is! But maybe you’re looking for a perfect beach style? Well, this is it!


Chic Bun

The last on my list of hairstyles for tightly curly hair is a fun, easy to do look I’m sure all of you ladies love to wear whenever you have absolutely no idea how to style your hair. Now, the good thing about having long curly hair is the fact that you don’t even have to use a sock or a bun sponge to get a fantastic voluminous red-carpet ready bun. But volume aside, I do have to note that I absolutely love the way the hair is not completely sleek but has a bit of that wavy, curly pattern going on! Definitely something you’ll want to keep in mind this summer and, oh, I’d add a headband or a flower just to make things more interesting.

Well, these were some cute hairstyles for tightly curly hair I think you should really give a go this summer! So do let me know which up do for extremely curly hair you like the most and don’t forget to pitch in and share a few of your favorite summer looks!

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I loved the Elegant Hair Up Do!! I was wondering what types of hair products she uses!

really cute hairstyles for curlies!! thanks!!

I love looks number two and five! I'm definitely going to try something new on my hair :)

The Elegent Up Do girl has nice hair! I wonder what hair supplies she uses... Anyway, I am sooooo trying these!

Thank you so much for including african american or black hair, it really helped me xx

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