7 Fabulous Pinup Hair Tutorials to Look beyond Gorgeous ...


7 Fabulous Pinup Hair Tutorials to Look beyond Gorgeous ...
7 Fabulous Pinup Hair Tutorials to Look beyond Gorgeous ...

Are you obsessed with all things vintage? Then you have to check out these pinup hair tutorials.

Do you watch more classic MGM musicals than modern day rom-coms?

Do you idolize Greta Garbo, Marilyn Monroe, or maybe even Bettie Page?

Retro is in and pin-up style has been popping up everywhere.

From shows like Outlander and Agent Carter that are (at least partially) set in the 1940s, to female musicians like Janelle Monae sporting pin-up style hairdos, vintage style is all over the place.

If you want to get that vintage pin-up girl look, but have no idea how to style your hair that way, have no fear!

These pinup hair tutorials have you taken care of.

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Betty Grable Pinup Poodle Hair Tutorial by Miss Rockabilly Ruby

Because Ruby has such short hair, she actually used a synthetic lace front wig in addition to her own hair to create the poodle hairdo.

Using hairspray, heat setting spray, bobby pins, a comb, a 1” flat iron, and a boar bristle brush, she created a cute curl-filled look that sits on top of her head in the style of retro actress, Betty Grable.

You basically curl your entire head of hair with the flat iron and then break up the curls with your fingers. Then, you just brush the hair on the sides toward the top of the head and pin in place! This is one of the best pinup hair tutorials you'll ever find.


For that classic pinup appeal with a whimsical twist, Miss Rockabilly Ruby's tutorial is invaluable. She brilliantly incorporates modern techniques with vintage flair, showing how a flat iron can miraculously transform hair into bouncy, eloquent curls reminiscent of the 1940s. The process is surprisingly straightforward and delightful to execute. By expertly placing bobby pins and brushing the hair to perfection, the end result is a voluminous updo that screams Hollywood glam. Ideal for themed parties or when you're just feeling fabulously retro, this style achieves a head-turning transformation sure to garner compliments.


1950’s Pageboy Inspired Hair Tutorial by PinupDollAshleyMarie

Vintage pageboy hairstyles were all the rage in the 1940s. I actually have a beautiful photo of my grandmother with this hairstyle.

Youtuber Ashley Marie, who is like the queen of pinup, by the way, created this easy to follow tutorial in order to get the classic look.

With a ¾” curling iron, you’ll just need to curl your ends up in 1” sections and pin in place. Start in the back, then move to the sides, and end with the top. Afterwards, brush out your hair, keeping the curls toward the ends, and then brush the bangs over to the side and do the same.


To achieve that flawless glossy finish typical of the 1950’s pageboy look, Ashley suggests applying some hair serum or pomade once you're done brushing. This not only adds shine but also helps control frizz and keep those sophisticated curls in place. Make sure to tame any flyaways and shape the ends under with your brush. The result is a sculpted, feminine silhouette that’ll have you feeling like a vintage Hollywood starlet. Don’t forget to set your masterpiece with a good hairspray, that way your pageboy stays pristine through whatever your day brings.

Frequently asked questions

Our article offers tutorials for various easy pin-up hairstyles that you can try at home, including classic victory rolls, a stylish bandana look, or a simple updo with a vintage twist. Perfect even for beginners!

Absolutely! Our pinup hair tutorials are designed to be followed step by step, allowing you to achieve that gorgeous pin-up girl hair on your own. With practice, you'll be styling like a pro in no time!

To achieve the classic pin-up girl look, you'll want to learn techniques like how to create smooth curls, master the art of backcombing for volume, and use accessories like scarves or hair flowers. Our tutorials guide you through each of these steps.

Certainly! Our tutorials include beginner-friendly hair styles that are easy to follow. They provide step-by-step instructions, making it simple for anyone new to pin-up hair to get a fabulous look.

To create your own pin-up hairstyle, you may need some basic hair tools such as curling irons, hair rollers, bobby pins, hair spray, and brushes. Certain looks might also require accessories like hairbands, bandanas, or flowers to add that authentic pin-up flair.


HOW to Roll VICTORY ROLLS 6 DIFFERENT Ways by Vintagious

For this pinup hair tutorial, you will learn six different techniques for getting victory rolls. All of these techniques are formed using your hands and rolling inward manually.

Vintagious covers the classic roll, barrel twist, loop and tuck, half loop and tuck, thump wrap, and the modern pinup. Some techniques are even suitable for girls with layered hair!



Lily will show you how to do a full head of pin curls in real time.

Her technique is all about wrapping small sections of wet hair around two fingers and then pinning the roll in place with bobby pins.

After the whole head is covered, she covers the hair with a scarf and keeps the pins in overnight.

In the morning, she undoes the curls, brushing them out gently and into the shapes she wants.

Easy peasy.


Vintage Pinup Hair Tutorial Beehive Bouffant by PinupDollAshleyMarie

Ashley has made the cutest beehive bouffant by teasing the hair starting with the back bottom section.

Once the whole head is teased, minus the bangs, it’s lightly brushed with a boar bristle brush to smooth it out.

Then the bottom is pinned up, the bangs are teased out and rolled, and a scarf is added to hide all the imperfections.



1940s Pin up Inspired Hairstyle with Faux Bangs for Kinky Hair by ThePinupNoire

The Pinup Noire created a quick and easy video tutorial for women of color with naturally kinky hair.

Using a hair bun ‘rat’, she rolled up the front of her hair and pinned it in place to create faux bangs.

Then the sides of her hair were twisted and rolled back behind her ears and the back tucked under itself, secured in place with more pins.

Add a fascinator or flower to top off the pinup look!


How to do the Rockabilly Pony Hairstyle : Braids, Bangs & Other Hairstyles by Ehowbeauty

This rockabilly pony hairstyle is quick and easy for everyday wear.

Just take a section of hair in the front (or use bangs if you have them) and tease up to create volume.

Once you have it to the amount of poof you want, twist the middle behind the pompadour and pin in place.

Then create a high ponytail with the rest of your hair.

Perfect for day or night!

Are you as excited as we are to try all of these pinup hairstyles?

Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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