7 New Interesting Ways to Style Your Layered Hair ...


7 New Interesting Ways to Style Your Layered Hair ...
7 New Interesting Ways to Style Your Layered Hair ...

So many ways to style layered hair, so many fantastic sexy, elegant, edgy and popular hairstyles – why, oh why not try as many as possible!? And whether your hair is short, medium or long, you can always count on finding a perfect hairstyle for layered hair here! So? What are you waiting for? Take a look at these choppy hairstyle ideas below and check out these following fantastic tutorials on how to get them:

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Glam Rock Half up do

If you’re looking for ways to style your layered hair Kim Kardashian way, you’ll definitely love this trendy, edgy glam rock half up do! Finally, something that let’s you get the most out of your layered tresses and really puts them in the spotlight! The hairstyle in question is, as you can see, relatively easy to do and will prove to be a fantastic party solution for times when you don’t want to rock yet another romantic or elegant style. And, with that said, all I can add is – Enjoy!


To master this rock'n'roll-inspired half-up do, start by backcombing the crown for that essential volume boost. Once you've secured the perfect poof, pull back sections above your ears while letting your layers cascade freely, framing your face. This look isn't just about height and drama; it's also about showcasing your hair's texture and movement. Don't forget to secure everything with a strong-hold hairspray, especially if you're planning to dance the night away. Whether it's a spontaneous concert outing or a night out with your friends, this hairstyle is sure to turn heads and keep you feeling like a glamorous rockstar.


Messy Party Hairstyle for Layered Hair

Speaking about up dos, you’ve probably noticed that styling layered hair and getting all those shorter sections to stay up tends to be quite nerve wrecking! Well, that’s where this hairstyle for layered hair fits in! Very elegant, sexy and playful, it really takes all afore mentioned downsides of layered hair into account, turning them into upsides! And since even pro stylists and fashion critics agree looser up dos are way sexier and more youthful-looking, you won’t do wrong in case you decide to show off this look even on the most glamorous of occasions.


Runway Inspired Half up do

Have you ever considered emulating one of those edgy runways hairstyles? Well, this is your chance and, whether you decide to wear it for parties, concerts or even Halloween, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it very much! Ah, don’t you just love the way layered hair sparks creativity!


Two Awesome Ways to Style Your Layered Hair for School

Ah, well, what can I say – a ponytail is and always will be a girl’s best friend! A side ponytail, for example, is one of the best ways to style your layered hair because it will help you bring out that playful cascading effect layers are so perfect for. But, since one side pony idea isn’t enough, here are two in case you change your mind throughout the day.


Sexy Curls for Short Layered Hair

Oh-la-la! Now this is what I’m talking about! Having short hair doesn’t mean you have to kiss your curling iron and all of those sultry hairstyles good-bye and this tutorial right here backs up my claim perfectly! It’s sexy, it’s glamorous, so full of life and body or, in short, smoking hot! Check it out, give it a shot and do keep reading because I have a few other choppy hairstyle ideas to share.

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Elegant up do for Styling Layered Hair

Moving on with choppy hairstyle ideas for short hair and, in case you have a wedding to attend soon, this one will definitely prove to be more than useful. If you like sexy pin up locks you can even opt for curling your hair only and doing the hairstyle for layered hair shown halfway through the vid or you can continue styling to get the glam up do that’s really meant to be a finished look.


Scene Hair

You know what also works great with layered hair? Correct! Scene hair! Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever tried this before but you may be interested to know that keeping up with this teen trend doesn’t even have to involve all those crazy colors. Simply tease it, style it and coat it with a heavy dose of hairspray! Voila.

Well, there you go, seven different ideas to help spark your creativity! And with so many ways to style your layered hair, you simply can allow yourself to stay stuck in a rut! But, tell me, are there any wonderful choppy hairstyle ideas you’d like to share?

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