7 Hot Hair Colors to Try This Summer ...

Ravishing red, punky purple, cool ice blonde; there are so many colors around how do you know which hair colors to try this summer? If you're the kind of person who loves experimenting with new looks, the good news is that anything goes at the moment, and there are some gorgeous hair colors to try this summer which will really liven up your look! Just a word of warning though; for really drastic changes, it's always best to see a professional.

1. Ombre Hair

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Ombre or dip-dye is still a top trend and if you're looking for hair colors to try this summer you can create natural ombre or a wilder look. I love this ombre look which was created by a natural brunette after dying her hair at home with Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL in Real Red. This is probably pretty damaging for your hair, so you may want to seek advice from your stylist or an advisor at a store such as Sally's before you try it at home! Of course, you can use any color you choose, from a subtle brown and caramel ombre to wild colors!

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