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Ravishing red, punky purple, cool ice blonde; there are so many colors around how do you know which hair colors to try this summer? If you're the kind of person who loves experimenting with new looks, the good news is that anything goes at the moment, and there are some gorgeous hair colors to try this summer which will really liven up your look! Just a word of warning though; for really drastic changes, it's always best to see a professional.

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Ombre Hair

Ombre or dip-dye is still a top trend and if you're looking for hair colors to try this summer you can create natural ombre or a wilder look. I love this ombre look which was created by a natural brunette after dying her hair at home with Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL in Real Red. This is probably pretty damaging for your hair, so you may want to seek advice from your stylist or an advisor at a store such as Sally's before you try it at home! Of course, you can use any color you choose, from a subtle brown and caramel ombre to wild colors!


Intense Auburn

During the summer months, darker haired girls may want to lighten their color slightly. Whilst bleach can be damaging to hair, using a permanent color which lifts your natural shade and adds plum or red tones can be less damaging and will leave your hair soft and shiny. I love this color by Garnier Nutrisse which leaves a burgundy sheen on natural dark hair.


Ravishing Redhead

Red is one of the hardest hair colors to maintain as it fades so fast, and you need to know about your skintone to ensure you choose the right shade of red for you if you're dying your hair at home. Girls with 'cool' tones in their skin look best in deep blue-toned reds such as burgundy or dark cherry, whilst 'warm' toned women can get away with lighter auburn and copper shades (think Julianne Moore or Christina Hendricks). Whichever shade of red you choose, it will take some work to keep it looking beautiful!


Chocolate and Caramel

Whilst this is billed in the video as the perfect hair color for Autumn, I think it would look gorgeous in the summer months too. For a hair color like this, you'll need to see a professional colorist who can apply highlights perfectly. You could choose a lighter base colour with caramel highlights or stick with the darker shade which will give added shine to your hair.


Ice Blonde

Icy white blonde hair is simply gorgeous at any time of year - look at stars like Gwen Stefani? During the summer months this shade really comes to life and white blonde is set to be a top trend when it comes to hair colors for summer 2014. A word of warning though; you'll need fair coloring and features to pull this off - it's simply not going to work if you are a natural dark brunette. Always ask your stylish which colors they think would suit you best - going blonde is best left to the professionals!


Light Auburn

Warm shades are big news right now, whether you opt for a light auburn or honey and caramel shades. You can add warmth with highlights or all over color, depending on the look you're trying to achieve and this type of color looks great with suntanned summer skin!



This is for the very brave (or very colorful) types! Turquoise blue is great for summer and looks gorgeous with pale skin (but equally cute with a tan) - just bear in mind that the brighter the color, the more commitment is required. This is particularly true if you're already quite blonde as the turquoise color stains the hair and can be hard to remove. But if you really want it, go for it - you'll definitely stand out and get some great compliments!

I love dying my hair although recently it's shades of red I seem to be sticking to. Are you a hair color addict? What's your favorite hue and do you think you'll ever stop coloring your hair and go back to your natural color? Or have you never colored and think natural is best? I would love to hear what you all think!

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I dyed my hair red last year and it is such a convincing shade of red that I am often mistaken for a natural red head. I love gingers

I'm a natural red head and I'm so excited to see what people will choose as their red for summer. I'm a redhead who feels like it's the best compliment if a woman chooses to color her hair red. I'm don't look like your stereo typical redhead. I tan and I feel very beautiful inside and out. Gingers have become a bad thing. from being ugly and SOULESS to being bullied and nat'l kick a ginger day in Europe was shocking! I never knew I was so different and hated as a Ginger it's almost sad to tell my redheaded daughter that she more than beautiful everyday because of the "ginger" hate I see everywhere in the media and tv show jokes are sad. ahhhh! go red and go proudly!

clip in extensions work great , the blue and green purple etc hair dyes strip hair completely not tomention leave color behind and don't wash out completely

lilac is also incredibly big this summer


Intense Auburn could be a possibility hmmmm

why dye at all , go blond and get a rainbow if hair extensions

they're not really funny.....but I do enjoy the great NPH!!

I was just thinking the same as Wendy, but which one is it? I know it's from garner but what color or number???

I love it all, but I don't think I could pull off turquoise or ice blonde! but great list.

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