Fun Hairdos to Try if You're Looking for Something New ...


Fun  Hairdos to Try if You're Looking for Something New ...
Fun  Hairdos to Try if You're Looking for Something New ...

Wearing the same hairdo every day can get boring. Here are some alternatives to the basic hairdos you are used to. Before you decide to throw your hair up into a ponytail, watch these tutorials and let them inspire you to try something new and fun!

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Classic 50's

This hair and makeup look combo is perfect for prom or any special event to add a little something extra to your look. This includes a makeup tutorial too but the hairdo also works without it. This is a perfect look for a classic 50's look.


Easy Peasy Messy Bun

This hairdo is perfect for 3rd day hair and works great with or without the use of dry shampoo. It is perfect for school, work, or a workout. It takes only 4 minutes to complete, making it a super easy hairdo to recreate.


Unicorn Inspired Coachella Hairdo

Shay Mitchell's hairstylist recreates this fun, boho hairdo on Shay. It is perfect for an event like Coachella or any time you want to make a statement with your hairdo. It is fun with a colored braid and is sure to turn heads.


Get Braided for Prom

This is a great hairdo for prom, but also works for other special events such as weddings or graduation. She goes step by step, making the hairstyle easy to recreate. This is a beautiful braid for special occasions or any time you want to look especially nice.


Mermaid Hair Waves

These are dream waves that women wish for and this tutorial shows you how to get them. They are an effortless look that can be worn every day, from special occasions to any regular day. They are the perfect mermaid waves guaranteed to get loads of compliments!


Bad-Ass Braided Ponytail

While ponytails can be boring, this one is anything but. The braided ponytail looks bad-ass and will give your look some edge. This bad-ass braided ponytail will keep all eyes on you.


Elegant Bun for Date Night

This bun is super elegant for date night and will keep your man staring at you all night long. It is a more elegant hairdo, so it should be worn for special occasions such as a special date night, graduation, or a wedding.

Now that you have some new hairdos to try, your look will never be boring. Which hairdo will you rock first?

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