New Hairstyles That Have Just Started Trending ...

By Eliza

It's always fun to try new looks when it comes to your hair, but if you're anything like me, you tend to gravitate toward what's easy and what you have already mastered. In the market for something new? Check out these great looks and practice them on the weekend so you can have the best hair ever for the whole week.

Table of contents:

  1. a really loose braid
  2. twisted half up do
  3. loose braided headband
  4. partial half braid
  5. heart braid
  6. braided into a top knot
  7. waterfall braid
  8. double braid side ponytail
  9. a bow made out of hair
  10. a braid for long hair
  11. this cool braid
  12. lots of curls
  13. pinned back side braids
  14. pulled side braid
  15. upside down braid
  16. fancy braid bun
  17. check this out
  18. ponytail with a twist
  19. give yourself some color
  20. funky ponytail twist
  21. half shaved

1 A Really Loose Braid

The side braid is really popular and this loose version is the best new way to wear it.

2 Twisted Half up do

Instead of just pinning it back, give your half up do a twist so it looks like this.

3 Loose Braided Headband

This style lets you wear your hair down while also keeping it out of your face.

4 Partial Half Braid

This look is trending right now and it's super feminine and really easy to do.

5 Heart Braid

Where would you go with your hair done up like this?

6 Braided into a Top Knot

Instead of braiding your hair all the way to the end, twist it into a top knot like this.

7 Waterfall Braid

This is one of the hottest new hairstyles out there.

8 Double Braid Side Ponytail

Don't you love this?

9 A Bow Made out of Hair

This is totally girly, and surprisingly easy to do.

10 A Braid for Long Hair

Get ready for some compliments when your hair looks this cool.

11 This Cool Braid

What do you think of this braid?

12 Lots of Curls

What looks good with a braid? Loads of curls!

13 Pinned Back Side Braids

Little braids pinned back is a look that will always be in style.

14 Pulled Side Braid

Pull your side braid hairs out a little to give them this stellar look.

15 Upside down Braid

Tip your head over to get this look just right.

16 Fancy Braid Bun

All it takes is a few tiny braids to take your bun to the next level.

17 Check This out

This will look just as great on you as it does on her. I promise!

18 Ponytail with a Twist

Give your ponytail new lift by twisting it at the sides.

19 Give Yourself Some Color

Any style looks good when your hair is this color.

20 Funky Ponytail Twist

Your run of the mil ponytail just got a whole lot better.

21 Half Shaved

If you went for the half shaved look, try this fantastic style.

See a trend? It's all about the braids right now! Which of these looks will you try first?

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