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I'm not a natural redhead, but oh how I wish I was! Red hair is so gloriously gorgeous and unique. I've colored my hair red in the past and I've always dreamt of having red haired children. But since my firstborn has no sign of red in his locks, I'm not holding my breath for the second one. Instead, let's you and me both take a look at some natural redheaded beauties and find inspiration in their stunning red strands.

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Freckle Faced Beauty

Freckle Faced Beauty This lovely lady has the perfect shade of red hair. If I could choose any hue for my locks, this would be it. And those beautiful! Add those piercing blue eyes into the mix and holy moly! I think I found my new girl crush.


Copper Waves

Copper Waves Not only does this beauty have gorgeous red locks, she has a wave to her hair. And maybe the wave isn't natural, but her look still makes me envious. I love how she has no color on her lips, and her top is a nude color, but she still looks radiant.


Her copper waves softly cascade down her shoulders, imbuing her with an effortless charm that feels both timeless and playful. It's like autumn came to dance in her tresses, casting a warm, inviting glow around her. The subtlety of her makeup enhances her natural beauty rather than overshadowing it, and the understated elegance of her attire allows her fiery mane to truly shine. It's a masterclass in balance and simplicity, showing that sometimes, a bold hair color is all you need to stand out and feel fabulous. Never underestimate the power of a great hair day to lift your spirits and turn heads!


Awesome Auburn

Awesome Auburn The darker shade of red looks amazing against this beauty's pale skin. And I love how her hair is loose and flowy. Her pretty green eyes really stand out and her makeup looks natural yet enhances her beauty.


Bright Red

Bright Red This girl's shade of red is fun and vibrant. It almost has an ombre look to it, and it makes her bright blue eyes really stand out. The touch of color on her lips keeps her looking fresh, and I love the tousled style of her hair.


Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry Blonde Even though this shade of red is technically part of the blonde family, I still throw it into the red category. This girl's curls are gorgeous, and her eyes, like many other red haired beauties, are stunning. She also has a lovely backdrop of freckles on her skin, which makes her even more unique and beautiful.


Braided Beauty

Braided Beauty Unlike most of the other redheads we've seen, this beauty has deep brown eyes, which complement her red locks nicely. Her makeup is pretty (love the touch of color on her cheeks and lips), but what I like best is her long braid. It looks very classy but fun.


Gorgeous Ginger

Gorgeous Ginger This beauty's lighter shade of red is absolutely gorgeous! Her hair looks nicely styled (and super shiny) but still has a loose wave, which I love. Her makeup is natural and her (seemingly) hazel eyes are hypnotic. Better look away before you fall victim to her trance!

If you have naturally red hair, you're one lucky lady! Just like these redheaded beauties, you have a special feature that many women would love to have. If you're like me and you don't have red hair, let these lovelies inspire you to embrace your natural beauty. But if you want to dye your hair red, which shade of red would you color your hair?

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LOVE red hair :)

My hair was reddish-brown as a child. I like anything from copper to auburn to strawberry blonde.

Been dyeing my hair a reddish/brown (half½ mixture of lightest golden brown/intense red copper) for 20+ years…a lot better than #boringbrown! ILoveIt!


Love auburn and ginger! I love burgundy too :)

I think no. 5 is copper.

If these are NATURAL beauties, DYEING your hair UNNATURALLY wouldn't get you the same results or anything close

Love Reba's red hair!!!

Rose Lesley is baeee! (#4)

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