Ombr Hair Hacks for Girls Wanting the Look without the Dye ...


Ombr Hair Hacks for Girls Wanting the Look without the Dye ...
Ombr Hair Hacks for Girls Wanting the Look without the Dye ...

Use these ombré hair hacks to get the look without the dye! It's that time of year when everyone gets the itch to bring in a new spring hair color. The sun-kissed look is so in, but who wants do deal with the damage?! Get the look without the full-on commitment with these tips and tricks by Brit + Co. All you need is two tones of hair extensions, a comb, small elastics, hair cutting shears, and a hair cutting razor blade. We'll teach you how to place, cut, and style your extensions. Lighten and brighten your hair and spirit with these ombré hair hacks!

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Placing Your Extensions Using a Comb

Placing Your Extensions Using a Comb Make a horizontal line right at your occipital bone in the back of your head. Place a small elastic on a section of your hair in the center of your head — this is going to act as an anchor for the clip on the extension to hold onto. Be sure to start off with the lighter of the two tones of hair you picked out.


Clip the Center of the First Piece of the Extension onto the Anchor You Just Created

hair, clothing, hairstyle, long hair, dress, Then line up the other two clips to the left and right, placing another elastic like you did in the first step for each clip.


Attach the Clips

Attach the Clips The next step is attaching the clips to those two anchors.


Place a New Horizontal Part in Your Hair

Place a New Horizontal Part in Your Hair Place this part just a quarter inch above the first layer. Repeat the same process with the elastics and clips as you did in round one, until the left, right and center extension pieces are attached.


Pull down Another Layer for the Final Layer

Pull down Another Layer for the Final Layer Use the extensions with the darker color you picked. Then pull down all your hair to make sure none of the clips are showing. If they are, you can start this process over and lower everything down an inch or so on your head so you have more hair on the top to cover the clips.


Cut Your Extensions

Cut Your Extensions Comb through your hair and have a friend help you to use haircutting shears to point cut. This means cutting with the scissors pointing in a vertical position rather than horizontal. The longer pieces of the extensions and even out with your hair length.


Blend the Hair in

Blend the Hair in Doing this on your own can be tricky, so you’ll want to have help from a friend again to make sure you don’t mix your hair into the cutting process! Take small sections of the extension hair, again being careful not to mix your actual hair in with it, and make twists so you can gently slide the hair razor down the outside of the twisted hair. You will do this a few times around the twisted hair to make tiny layers that will take out the weight of the added hair so it will blend nicely. Do this throughout.


Style Your Extensions

hair, face, person, nose, hairstyle, Use a medium to larger size wand — we went with a favorite here at B+C, the 1 1/2-inch barrel from the Whirl Trip T3 Interchangeable Barrel Kit ($270). The trick to blending the extensions with your hair is to mix the two together when curling. Also, be sure to curl your hair away from your face for a softer, more natural look. Add your favorite styling aid like IGK Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel ($27) mid shaft to the ends of your strands for a piecey, textured shine. Shake your hair out and you’re good to go!

What did you think of this flawless, no-color color?! Do you have any extra tips to add? Let us know in the comments!

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