Roll out of Bed πŸ› Hairstyles for Days πŸ“† You Need the Extra Zzzs 😴 ...

If you're running late and think there's not enough time to style your hair, don't panic! You might not have enough time to wash your hair, but you won't need to with these fast looks. All you need is a couple minutes to look pretty and put together. No one will even know how crazy of a morning you've had with these hairstyles!

1. Messy Bun

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This is the easiest messy bun tutorial ever. No experience is needed to create this perfectly messy bun. Throw your hair up and out of your face, but still look flawless by spraying dry shampoo at the roots, massage in, and use your fingers to create a high pony tail. Twist hair, tuck under the elastic, and fix any pieces hanging out. Loosen the top to create more body, pin in place, spray with hairspray, and you're done!

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