Beautiful Hairstyles to Show off Your Square Face ...


Beautiful Hairstyles to Show off  Your Square Face  ...
Beautiful Hairstyles to Show off  Your Square Face  ...

If you have a square shaped face, these hairstyles are the most flattering for your face shape. Tired of wearing your hair the same every day and need a change? Ready for a drastic cut? Every angle will be sure to look gorgeous with these styles. Watch these top tutorials on how to create these looks at the salon, or at home!

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In this tutorial, you'll learn how to get a permanent body texture wave at the salon. Be sure your hair is longer than shoulder length to add more volume.



This geometric look is chic, textured, and tousled. Every face shape and hair type can work a bob, but how you get it cut matters. Ask for texture toward the ends and layers in the back to give a lived-in, messy look that doesn't look too perfect. Like Alexa Chung, this will modernize your cut and keep you looking cool and effortless.


Lengthy Style

This style of cut and curl works well with angular face shapes.


Natural Waves

This look is great for every day. It wears really well and lasts for two to three days with dry shampoo. Brush it out for Hollywood waves, or grunge it up with hair wax. You'll need a curling wand, heat defense, and volume hairspray to create this look.


Soft Layers

This guide shows how to cut your hair dry at home! This look gets rid of split ends and is soft and super simple, even if you don't have any experience using scissors.


Rounded Fringe

Cut your bangs at home with this rounded fringe tutorial! Start by spraying your hair with water, twist hair, and cut at a point. This creates a framing effect, drawing attention inwards towards your face.


Long Ombre

Create this ombre look at home! The ombre is subtle and natural and much more cost effective than going to a salon.



Kiera Knightly's pixie cut is easy to style with these three looks. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to style this short cut with a flat iron.


Thick Blunt Bangs

This tutorial shows you how to cut thick blunt bangs just like Reese Witherspoon! Keep them longer on the sides for square faces to frame the face.


Side Bangs

Learn how to cut your own side bangs step by step with this tutorial! This look is feathery and so adorable. If you have the itch to try something new, she's got the best tips for ya.


Long, Pin Straight Hair

No matter how damaged your hair is, this is THE routine hair tutorial that will keep your hair pin straight all day long. Start with clean, dry hair protected with heat protectant. Mist hair all over with hairspray before straightening it. Brush, then section hair off to flat iron. Finish with hairspray and brush through.


Voluminous Curls

Get voluminous curls just like Selena Gomez by sectioning hair, curling with a large barrel curling iron, and clipping in place. Mist with curling spray all over, paying close attention to the ends.


Clip in Bangs

Want the look without the commitment? Buy clip on bangs in the shade of your natural hair color and style. So chic and perfect for summer!


Asymmetrical Cut

Get Kylie Jenner's asymmetrical cut with this tutorial. Edge out haircut so it isn't completely blunt to allow movement.


Long Curls

Use a curling wand with interchangeable curlers. Put your hair in a secure high pony tail. Wrap hair around curling wand away from your face. Curl the entire length of the pony tail for a more natural look. Take out pony tail and add texturizing spray. Scrunch to define the curls even more, and spray with hairspray to lock in the look.

These different hairstyles will flatter every square shaped face. What is your favorite look? Comment below!

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