Polished No Heat Hair Styles for Girls Going Back to School ...


Polished No Heat Hair Styles for Girls Going Back to School ...
Polished No Heat Hair Styles for Girls Going Back to School ...

Let's be honest, mornings are rough when you have to get up early for school. The less time it takes to get ready (and the longer you can sleep) the better! No heat hairstyles are perfect for those mornings where you want a few extra 💤. Not only that, heat styling is damaging to your gorgeous hair! So, to limit it in general is the way to go. 👍🏼 Keep reading for some easy, no heat hairstyles (tutorials) that will have you prepped and ready for the school year. 🎓💄💋💁🏻🤓

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The Messy Top-knot

The messy top-knot is a winner every time. It's perfect for no-heat days, dirty hair days, hot days (any day! 😜). I personably love the top-knot for going to the gym and when I want to look chic without fussing with my hair.


The French Side Braid

The side braid is a beautiful look the requires no heat. Of course this style is for longer hair, but you can find alternatives for shorter hair as well. Depending on your style and skill with hairstyling, you can choose to braid from the crown of your head all the way to the side of your braid. I personally choose to twist the hair and finish it off with a braid. Easy peasy!


No-heat Waves

My favorite summer beachy waves look requires virtually no heat! Because I have small layers around my face, I do touch-ups with a flat iron but the majority of the look is natural. Another way to achieve this look is putting your hair in a loose twisted top-knot bun while it's damp and sleeping that way.


Teased Ponytail

Another simple yet pretty look is the teased ponytail! Wear the hair band high and relatively tight, then pull forward hair to create a "poof". You can also tease the crown of your head, like in the tutorial, to create a more dramatic look.


The Half Twist

If you're loving the way your hair looks on a particular day but want to out of your face, then the half twist is for you! It looks so amazing and of course, simple. 👌🏼


A Braided Crown

If you know how to French braid, this one is for you. Of course, this tutorial and others can help teach you! Wear this look by itself, half up, or in a ponytail.


Mini Braided Buns

Bonus! Here are 5 mini bun hairstyles that are so simple to acheive and look really polished. Wear your hair half up with a twitsed bun, high mini bunds, two low buns or all along the crown to the base of your head! Any of these could definitely work for a formal event as well.

No heat styles are so amazing! 🙌🏻 I think my favorite part is that it spares my mega highlighted hair from further damage! What are some other no-heat styles that you love the most?!

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