Simple and Cute Back to School Styles for Girls with Long Hair ...


Simple and Cute Back to School Styles for Girls with Long Hair ...
Simple and Cute Back to School Styles for Girls with Long Hair ...

Having long hair can make it easier to achieve a wider range of hairstyles, but it can also get in the way and make it difficult to get the style just right. One of my favorite things to do when I need some help is to watch someone else do it because then I can just copy what she's doing. If you need some fab new styles for your long hair this school year, any of these videos will help you be the best looking girl on campus.

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Heatless Wavy Hair

If you prefer to keep your hair down than to put it up, you are going to love this tutorial. You'll easily learn how to get glorious waves throughout your mane without needing a curling iron to get the job done. It's fast, it's easy and it's really beautiful so you can't go wrong with this one.


Two-minute Bubble Bun

When you want a super adorable hairstyle, but you need to get out the door quickly, you will love this bubble bun. It's easy to master and looks just tousled enough to keep you from looking like you tried too hard. At the same time, it's polished enough that you can use it to complement just about any outfit in your wardrobe. Perfect!


Braided Ponytail

You might be tired of your average ponytail, but adding a braid can take things to an entirely new level. That tiny bit of extra effort will make your long ponytail something really fun and easy. You're going to love this one - I promise!


Five Minute Lazy Curls

There's something about a head of long hair that is curly that just looks so awesome, don't you think? This style might look hard to master, but you'll be surprised at just how easy it is to go from straight to curly in just a few minutes. Get ready to turn some heads when you walk into class with this hairstyle.


Mohawk Pony Braid

I finally got this one and let me tell you that people have all sorts of nice things to say about it. The idea is to do a braid that sort of looks like a mohawk. It's fun new twist on a classic hairstyle and gives you a trendy and adorable look for any day at school. The video makes it really easy to copy and you are going to love what this style does for your look.


Twist Crossed Curly Half Updo

This hairstyle is great for long hair because it can keep your locks in place while also giving you a polished look that is great for whatever the day has in store for you. Watch this tutorial to learn how to twist your hair back halfway into a look that you'll love with any outfit.


Five Strand Braid

Here's a great variation on the braid that lets you try something new for school. It might sound difficult, but this really cool five strand braid is really easy to do and is sure to get you loads of compliments.

How do you wear your hair for back to school? Which of these fun new styles are you dying to try?

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