Remarkable Fall Haircuts for Girls Needing a Change with the Seasons ...


Remarkable Fall Haircuts for Girls Needing a Change with the Seasons ...
Remarkable Fall Haircuts for Girls Needing a Change with the Seasons ...

Does your hair need a change? Is your summer cut just not cutting it anymore? We know just what you’re going through. Even though we may have been in love with our hair a few short months ago, now it just feels dated and we’re ready for a change. Well, there’s nothing wrong with that and I think it’s great to keep things fresh and fun so you don’t feel stuck with the same look day in and day out. Keep scrolling to see some of the most coveted haircuts this fall so you can be the first in your squad to rock the hottest style!

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Tons of Texture

hair, afro, hairstyle, jheri curl, brown hair, Many beauty and fashion trends are born on the runway and the same goes for hair. Fall fashion shows features natural hair with lots of curls, texture, and movement. If you have curls or waves, why not show off your naturally gorgeous hair more often this fall? Get your diffuser out, grab a can of mousse for your roots, and let loose! Guaranteed to turns some heads!


Statement Bangs

hair, face, eyebrow, black hair, nose, What exactly is a statement bang? Think curly bangs, blunt baby bangs, or loose wavy bangs. Anything other than your run-of-the-mill fringe that’s right above the brows. Be daring with your bangs if you already have them or if you haven’t had them since grade school, bring ‘em back! Bangs don’t automatically make you look like a school girl. They can be sexy, edgy, or give you an air of innocence; it’s all up to you.


Sleek Lob

hair, face, black hair, eyebrow, nose, Will the lob ever go out of style? Let’s hope not because it’s such an easy style that you can wear in so many ways and looks good on so many face shapes. You might not think to get a shorter haircut in the fall, but it’s a great time to try something new. If you have longer hair and have been thinking about going shorter, the lob is a fab way to try out a shorter style without worrying about going too short and regretting it.


Long Textured Hair

hair, human hair color, face, hairstyle, brown, This might not qualify as a haircut, but it’s still a super sexy and season appropriate style. Slightly messy waves look good on just about all hair lengths but it’s especially suitable for longer hair. It’s part boho and part “I woke up like this” hair. If you’re new to waves, start with mousse, the create ringlets in your hair with a curling iron and leaving the roots and ends undone, spritz some texturizing spray, and you’re good!


Knotty Hair

hair, hairstyle, face, long hair, hair coloring, This is another non-haircut way to refresh your style. If you’re over wearing your hair down, try putting it up in buns or knots. Updos like this are chic, versatile, and work so well with 2nd day hair making it one of the best lazy girl styles around. Get creative with your hair by creating a low messy bun, separating your hair into two low buns or knots, or a knotted updo. They’ll keep your hair out of the way and they take just a few minute and you look so put-together.



hair, face, black hair, person, clothing, You might associate a short cut such as the pixie as a style for warmer weather but it’s just as good in the fall. Pixies are fuss-free for the most part and it really put the focus on your stunning facial features which is always a plus. Despite the short length, pixies can be worn in many different ways. If you search for pixie cuts online, you’ll find everything from an almost buzz cut to styles that are short in the back with long, side swept bangs. You’ve got options!


Contoured Haircut

hair, clothing, glasses, blond, eyewear, Last but not least, we have the contoured haircut. We contour our cheekbones and noses, why not our hair? The contoured cut is basically angled hair with longer pieces toward the front. Some ladies opt for less obvious angles and keep it super sleek. Obviously, as with all of these haircuts, you can put your own twist on it. In fact, it’s highly encouraged!

Do you plan on changing your hair for the fall? What style do you like best?

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Oh my gosh I can't wear my hair so puffy

I'm the same, my hair is allllllllllll poof, even when I straighten it, it just curls at the ends then POOF

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