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Am I the only person that thinks of back to school hairstyles at the mere mention of fall? I couldn't agree more with singer Jill Scott's statement, “For me, hair is an accoutrement. Hair is jewelry. It's an accessory.” With the fall season rapidly approaching, get ready for class by embracing your inner fashionista. You'll be sure to arouse interest from your fellow trendy classmates when experimenting with these back to school hairstyles!

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Meet Me at the Falls

Meet Me at the Falls One of my favorite back to school hairstyles was sported by the beautiful Kate Mara at the Emmys. I am a complete sucker for luscious waves and flirty braids! The waterfall braid is such a timeless and classy look but still manages to be playful too. The waterfall braid is versatile enough to be worn with your locks down.


The Big Cut

The Big Cut Comic Con attendees at the “Marvel: Guardians of the Galaxy Panel” were in for a surprise when Karen Gillan debuted her shaved head for her portrayal of super villain Nebula. Known for her red locks, Gillan showed the world her dedication to her role and that she is more than just her hair by cutting it all off. I feel that women everywhere could benefit from this highly liberating and effortlessly chic look!


She Bangs, She Bangs

She Bangs, She Bangs Becoming a signature look in the world of Hollywood, this vivacious hairstyle is sure to be a hit around campus! Whether you get side bangs or straight bangs across your forehead, the point is that this type of haircut will frame your face and accent your best feature – your smile! Getting bangs is one of the easiest ways to make a change in your style without it being too drastic.


Wavy Bob

Wavy Bob This fabulous cut combines two popular trends this season – wavy locks and a short hairdo. Pair this hairstyle with a bold red lipstick color for an even trendier look as you make your way around the school halls. My favorite french actress Marion Cotillard (Inception, Dark Knight Rises) was definitely one of my top inspirations for rocking this hairdo!


Ballerina & Topknot Bun

Ballerina & Topknot Bun The best part about these sleek 'dos is that they compliment different face-shapes. The tight ballerina bun will be sure to highlight your cheekbone structure, showing your classmates that you know when it's time to dress primly and glamorously; conversely, the topknot bun allows you a little more room to show just how comfortable you are in your new environment.


Messy Bun

Messy Bun “My hair isn't messy; it's just erupting with awesome.” In contrast, for a more fun and laid-back look, try a messy bun. Don't be afraid to let a few strands of hair stray from your bun as it will make the difference between a serious and sexy look!


Let Me Be Straight

Let Me Be Straight Ladies with longer tresses will be sure to fall in love with this sleek and classy style. This look has been worn by most of the trendsetters of today, including the lovely Selena Gomez.


Intricate Fishtail

Intricate Fishtail Fishtail is always a classic, it might look difficult to make but it's nothing you can't get the hang of after a few tries. It doesn't even matter if your masterpiece comes out neat or a little messy because the more complicated it looks the better visual appeal it will have. Although this look works best with longer hair, ultimately anyone can pull it off by putting their own twist in it.


Half up, Half down

Half up, Half down You might know of the famous half up and half down hairdo from the popular pop singer, Ariana Grande. It is her trademark look that works perfectly well for anyone who wants to get the hair out of their face. This hairstyle provides both comfort and glamour.


Bedhead Waves

Bedhead Waves If you have always wanted to get bedhead waves but never had the time to curl your hair before school, you are in luck. There is an easy and heat-free way in which you can achieve messy curls. All you need to do is separate your hair into two braids and sleep with them over night. The next morning, just take our the braids and tousle the curls!


Sleek High Ponytail

Sleek High Ponytail When no hairstyle seems to suit you, you can always resort to the good old high ponytail. It's quick, convenient and fierce. It's a universal and basic hairstyle that everyone can enjoy in a moment of hair crisis.


Quick Braided Bangs

Quick Braided Bangs Sometimes even the smallest details can really spice up your look. Therefore if you want to slightly change up your appearance, you can always create braided bangs by taking the front sections of your hair and french braiding them. This basic hairstyle doesn't require much, so don't be afraid to try it out.


Messy Rope Braids

Messy Rope Braids One of the looks that have slowly grown on me is the messy rope braids hairstyle. All you do in order to achieve this look is braid tiny braids throughout your hair and incorporate them into buns and ponytails. Sometimes you can even leave the hair down, so that the braids just add more texture to the appearance of your look.


Four Strand Braid

Four Strand Braid If you are just getting tired of the plain three strand braids, you can always try adding another strand! Four strand braids are a little more complicated with an interesting appearance that will turn heads. So if you are ready for an upgrade, try out the four strand braid.


Tucked in up-do

Tucked in up-do You can easily achieve an easy and fast up-do with just the use of a headband. All you need to do is place it on top of your head and slowly begin to tuck in strands of hair over the headband. It is an effortless look that requires very little work!

Rocking one of these fabulous hairstyles is sure to get you into a back to school mood! The most important thing to remember is that regardless of your current hairstyle, try not to take hair so seriously; hair length does not determine who you are. Do you have specific hairdos that work for you?

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What in the world happened to the simple, straight hair or curly hair or wavy hair. Can we please get back to the basics.

how do u see the next slide?x

I would love to shave my head but I don't think this list considers nappy hair

is it just me or she looks like Taylor swift ?

Sleek high ponytail is my go to hairstyle

I personally think the going bald thing is cool. I am a Ewing's sarcoma cancer survivor and I have been in remission for 6 months now. So my hair isn't that long yet and I think it just is a big statement when women who have the choose to do that with their hair do it.

Really... The Second look is bald. Thats bs I'm sorry. In high school even guys dont ever have saved heads. (Thats a bad look too). I believe that type of look with celebrities only happens because of all the 'yes-men' that are around them, convincing them that they are too pretty to need hair. I think that any look that pulls all your hair back or on top of your head is so very ugly because its a stuck-up way of saying that they are so pretty that they don't need the hair to look good. Which is simply not true, no guy in the history of the world would ever prefer a girl with their hair up in a bun on the top of their head rather than the same girl with their hair down. This trend of short hair/bald/buns absolutely, positively, desperately NEEDS to be stopped.

I like one and seven.

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