15 Fabulous Back to School Hairstyles to Rock This Fall ...

Am I the only person that thinks of back to school hairstyles at the mere mention of fall? I couldn't agree more with singer Jill Scott's statement, β€œFor me, hair is an accoutrement. Hair is jewelry. It's an accessory.” With the fall season rapidly approaching, get ready for class by embracing your inner fashionista. You'll be sure to arouse interest from your fellow trendy classmates when experimenting with these back to school hairstyles!

1. Meet Me at the Falls

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One of my favorite back to school hairstyles was sported by the beautiful Kate Mara at the Emmys. I am a complete sucker for luscious waves and flirty braids! The waterfall braid is such a timeless and classy look but still manages to be playful too. The waterfall braid is versatile enough to be worn with your locks down.

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