7 Cool Hairstyles for Pin Straight Hair ...

Hairstyles for pin straight hair don’t have to be all boring and super formal and there’s a lot of fantastic ways to style your tresses and achieve a flawless look in virtually no time! Seriously! And in case you happen to be wondering how to style pin straight hair at this very moment, you’ll definitely want to check out these ideas, hairstyles and up do’s for straight hair and who knows – your next favorite hairstyle might be waiting for you right here!

1. Super Sleek

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Super straight, super glossy hairstyle is one of the most popular celebrity looks of all time, not to mention one of the most perfect hairstyles for pin straight hair. You already have that pin straight base – why go through all that trouble to change it when you can use it to your advantage? Use a flat iron to smooth out your hair even more and achieve that dazzling, mirror-like effect by rubbing a glob of shine serum between your palms and running them down your hair. See how easy it is?

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