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7 Elegant Hairstyles for Short Hair ...

By Jelena

Hairstyles for short hair I’m planning on showing you today will help you look great in pretty much every occasion and help you update your look despite the fact that your short hairstyle doesn’t provide much room for a lot of experimenting with popular solutions such as chignons, buns, ponytails, braids and whatnot. Now I know it might sound pretty unbelievable, but there are many awesome short hairstyles you can try out and these following videos will show you exactly how to create every single one of them!

1 Cool Bob

The first on my list of** hairstyles for short hair** is actually a tutorial on how to achieve not one or two but TEN different looks to wear in special occasions, parties or on daily basis, all depending on the look in question! After all, straight is not the only way to wear your gorgeous chin-length bob! So give these a shot and tell me what you think!

2 Vintage Short Hairstyle

Vintage hairstyles for short hair are always a glamorous and most importantly hassle free option (which unfortunately can’t be said for long hair) so I’m suggesting you give something like this a shot! It’s super-girly, very chic and you can always add a nice contemporary decoration to make this look work in this era without the risk of looking too «costumey».

3 Victory Rolls for Short Hair

Now, in case you think those gorgeous vintage victory rolls don’t fall under the category of hairstyles for short hair, you’re in for a big surprise! In fact, I believe creating a perfect victory roll is much easier when you don’t have all that extra length that needs to be rolled, tucked in and whatnot! Check out this fantastic tutorial, give it a shot and do let me know how it turned out!

4 Wavy Hairstyle for Bobbed Hair

Give your longer bob a bit of texture to make it look oh-so-sophisticated for work or special occasion! Now, I know this was originally posted as a vintage inspired look but I think it’s also one of those great hairstyles for short hair you can wear just anytime when you want to look extra nice and classy.

5 Glam up do for a Pixie Cut

As adorable and sexy as it is, a pixie cut can get pretty out of control when it grows a bit. And, as it usually happens, you might find yourself in a position where you have to attend an important event while trying to grow your pixie out. Luckily, there is a great strategy for getting your short hairstyle under control, making it look glamorous yet fresh and youthful! So go ahead, check out this video and get styling!

6 Glam Rock Style

Going from a day-time «good girl» look to an evening «glam rock» princess style isn’t as complicated as it looks! In fact, I bet you could learn a lot while watching this video! It’s going to show you how to unleash all that volume and personalize the edginess of this look to fit both party outfits and sexy cocktail dresses! Awesome –isn’t it? Well, stay tuned because I have one more glam short up do to show you!

7 Curly Hairstyle for Short to Medim Hair

This last on my list of awesome hairstyles for short hair will help you learn how to achieve that super-girly, curly/wavy, sort of a Carrie Bradshaw look you can wear for a special event, date or even work. It’s super easy, it looks very nice and I’m sure it will enable you to enjoy your hair every day, despite the fact that you’re trying to grow it out and are not really satisfied with the current length.

What are you favorite hairstyles for short hair and is there a special glam up do you’re especially fond of? Do share your tips and tricks as well, because I’m sure there are plenty of short-haired girls here who would appreciate every single piece of info on these popular yet rarely discussed issues!

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