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Sometimes it’s hard to drag yourself out of bed in time to do an elaborate hairstyle. I’m with you – I’d rather hit the snooze 10 times than get up just to do my hair. But when I do get up, I always wish I had more time to do something cute with my hair. Tutorials are a lifesaver because they show me exactly what to do so that I can get my work done quickly and look fabulous wherever I happen to go.

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Quick and Easy Hairstyles for when You’re Running Late

The girls in the video are adorable so you know you’re going to get some fast and easy hairstyles that are super cute. They might take a bit of practice at the beginning to get them right, but with some time you’ll be whipping your hair into shape with just minutes before you leave every day.


Fast and Fun Heatless Styles

The video is created with looks for school, but you can certainly wear some of them to the office or for a casual day of fun. The girl in the video has fabulous hair and her ideas are easy to copy and look really fun too. The looks are classy and different from everything else you see. You’re going to have a hard time choosing which one you want.


Easy Styles for Short or Long Hair

Whether you need something fast for school or work, this video has 10 awesome styles that you are going to love. Whether your tresses are long or a bit shorter, there is sure to be a style in this video that you will adore. The commentary from the girls makes it easy to copy the looks and get you out the door on time.


Quick Boho Hairstyles

Love the boho trend? Don’t we all! If you want some hairstyles to showcase the boho look, this video is definitely for you. The girl in the video gives you easy step by step directions for getting the look you crave. The styles are easy to master, but give you a look unlike any other. You are going love turning heads with these adorable hairstyles!


Cute Braid Styles

Love braids? You’re in luck with this video because the girl that made it shows you four fabulous hairstyles that are all about braids. She makes it super simple to get a braid done in minutes flat so you won’t ever have to worry about being late again. You’ll be coming back to this video all the time – it’s just that good!


Perfect Looks for Short Hair

Short hair can be surprisingly hard to style. Orly Alexandra saves the day with this tutorial packed with fast and easy looks for girls with short locks. She shows you simple looks that you can do even if your hair isn’t all the way down your back. She’s fun to watch and you’ll soon be scouring YouTube for her other videos.


The Two Minute Bubble Bun

Bubble buns are super cute and they only take a couple of minutes. They are perfect for a tight schedule because they look sophisticated while also being fast and fuss-free. This tutorial is the best you’ll find when learning how to do the look. It’s easy to copy and over in just a couple of minutes.

What’s your go-to style when you oversleep? Practice these on the weekends and you’ll have a whole new repertoire so no one knows you hit snooze for 30 minutes. Which style do you want to try first?

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Very useful! Thank you:)

Can't do this to natural curly hair.

Having curly hair makes things 100x harder

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