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7 Easy Hair Accessories to Adorn Your Hair with ...

By Alicia

Easy hair accessories are something you always want to have on hand. They can help you to create many different styles. They are wonderful to have on hand to help you through a bad hair day. These easy hair accessories are the answer to a lot of your hair challenges and problems.

1 Bobby Pins

Bobby Pins Every woman must have bobby pins in her arsenal of easy hair accessories. They are so very versatile. You can use them for so many different hair styles, both simple and elaborate. They can even be used to just hold the hair back on one side if it is getting in your way. There are even different colored bobby pins so that you can get them to match your hair color. If you want a little more jazz, buy some with sparkle on them.

2 Barrettes

Barrettes Barrettes are wonderful little hair accessories. You can use them to hold your hair back on one side like a bobby pin. You can pull both sides of your hair back and use one on each side. Sometimes I use them to pull the top of my hair back and twist it before I put the barrettes in so I have a bit of a bump-it look without using an actual bump-it. They can even be used to tack up stray hairs when you have a bun in.

3 Headbands

Headbands I love headbands. They cover a multitude of hair issues. They can hide dirty hair when you don’t have time to wash it. They can cover hair that just won’t cooperate or go in the right direction. They can also make you look like you have more volume than you really do by pushing it back and up. I love that last little tidbit, myself.

4 Hair Flowers

Hair Flowers Hair flowers are such a pretty hair accessory. They are mostly appropriate for spring and summer but you can get by with it in the fall and winter if you are careful about the colors you use. They can be worn many different ways. My favorite way to wear them is on the side when I have my hair in a twist. My daughter likes to wear on right behind her ear when she has her hair down. There are a lot of different options for them.

5 Claws

Claws What would we do without hair claws? I know that I would certainly miss mine. Hair claws can be worn a variety of ways and for a variety of occasions. But for me, hair claws get the most use when I am at home and cleaning. They are the perfect accessory to get your hair up and out of your face.

6 Hair Scarf

Hair Scarf Hair scarves are very pretty and similar to headbands. Although a bit trickier to put in they're still easy enough. You just need to tie them and twist loose ends out of the way or into a bow. They have a very flowy look and can almost give you a bohemian flair. They go well with a lot of casual looks or casual dressy.

7 Sunglasses

Sunglasses I have to say that the hair accessory I wear the most is not really a hair accessory at all. I wear my sunglasses on top of my head as often as I do on my face. They are perfect for making your hair look pretty and keeping it directly out of your face. They also usually encourage a pretty bend to the ends of your hair so that it curves inward. I would guess I am not alone in this habit of using my sunglasses as a hair accessory, either.

Okay, ladies, your turn to spill. What is your favorite hair accessory? Tell me why!

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